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Axis Animation Extends Award Winning CG/Animation to Theme Parks and Attractions


Axis Animation, a major supplier of bespoke CG/Animation for the entertainment industry, is pleased to announce it’s expansion into themed entertainment and attractions. 

Axis will be partnering with major industry players to create the highest quality, immersive media for dark rides, interactive simulators, large format 3D, dome projection and VR opportunities.

Axis Animation is comprised of three studios, each with a distinct creative focus. The largest, Axis, creates the highest level 3D, photo and hyper-real CG animation while Axis VFX delivers cutting edge visual effects. Flaunt, the family-friendly division, expresses Axis’ lighter side, using 2D and 3D animation to deliver the best in character, narrative and humour.

Axis’ Managing Director, Richard Scott, said “The Theme Park and Attractions world is going through a really interesting stage of development with audiences wanting more sophisticated, media-centric experiences with the perfect blend of action, excitement and story. At Axis, we have a proven track record in delivering creative solutions to all three of these for our clients, and we look forward to doing the same in the attractions world.”

Halo 5 Axis Animation

Axis has piqued the interest of the theme park attractions space for two reasons: firstly, as a result of its high quality, photo-real animation work and subsequently, from the release of their Halo 5: Guardians opening cinematic. A segment of the cinematic is shot and directed as one, unbroken, single camera experience as it follows four Spartan Space Marines battling through an epic fire-fight on an alien planet.  This creative concept is similar to the content in many of the top motion simulation ride films.

As part of their expansion into the attractions industry, Axis has joined the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and attended IAAPA’s yearly convention in Orlando, in order to build relationships and gain vital industry knowledge.

Jim Botko, Head of US Strategic Business Development at Axis, is leading their push into theme parks and attractions from their Los Angeles office.

Axis also has experience working with a number of in-game engines, including UnReal and other proprietary client engines. The company has been preparing to create the best CG/animation sequences for the upcoming explosion in VR/AR content.

Through the development of an internal production pipeline, aimed at supporting large format projects, IMAX-size theatres and dome screens, the company will be capable of drawing on it’s expertise of stereoscopic content creation.  Axis has a strong in-house team of technical, stereoscopic and R&D engineers in place to continue the push into new areas. It’s progression into large format projection will also allow the company to deliver High Frame Rate (HFR) and 3D content.

Halo5 Opening Cinematic from axisanimation on Vimeo.

These higher speeds will complement the 3D imaging by smoothing out the picture and enhancing the effects, providing the viewer with an increasingly realistic and immersive experience.

Jason Fairley, Head of Research and Development, comments on Axis’ potential in this field: “At Axis we aim to deliver the same creative quality and impact in our video game and features work in everything we do, so we are excited to be creating new content for these innovative and diverse platforms and clients. With the current slate of amazing projects underway, and with more on the horizon, we are excited to be working in this new and challenging environment.”


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