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Behind the Scenes Peek at motiongate™ Dubai

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Some fun facts and a behind the scenes look at motiongate™ Dubai – the Hollywood theme park in the desert.

Set to open in October 2016, motiongate™ Dubai, part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts mega theme park development, have released a behind-the-scenes video and some facts and figures.

10 fun facts from motiongate™ Dubai:

  1. On opening, motiongate™ Dubai will cover 1.9 million sq ft – big enough to fit nearly 33 American football fields or 24 UK football pitches!  The total park area measures 4 million sq ft which is equal to almost 69 American football fields!
  2. motiongate™ Dubai’s rides and attractions will be inspired by 13 major film franchises with a total combined box office of over USD $1.7 billion for opening weekends in the USA.
  3. The DreamWorks zone is so big that it can fit five A380 aeroplanes inside wing to wing and is 22m high at its tallest point once inside.
  4. The Hotel Transylvania attraction is housed within a towering castle with its exterior façade measuring 42m at its highest peak – the same height as 10 average female giraffes stacked head to hoof.
  5. In total there are five roller coasters in motiongate™ Dubai with a total length track of 2, 593 metres – that’s enough to run the entire height of the Burj Khalifa – three times!
  6. 595 palm trees will be planted in motiongate Dubai – if laid down root to end, that would equal more than three times the length of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!  (based on an average 15m high palm tree)
  7. There are a total of 3, 170 seats for all of motiongate™ Dubai’s seated attractions, which is nearly the same amount of seating as five, Dubai Metro trains, but we can guarantee more fun than Dubai Metro!
  8. With more than 3, 000 different items available to purchase from 15 retail outlets in motiongate™ Dubai, you would need more than 100 SUVs to take them home!
  9. Zombieland Blast Off is an exhilarating experience that launches guests up and down a 58 metre tower – almost the same height as the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
  10. motiongate™ Dubai will have a total of 193 performing staff – that’s nearly 3 double decker buses full of dancers, singers and actors!


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