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Chester Zoo Unveils £500k Giant Otter and Jaguar Exhibits at Half Term


This February half term Chester zoo, the UK’s largest zoo, is set to unveil two exciting new exhibits.  At a total cost of £500k the new underwater viewing zone for giant otters and the updated jaguar house are set to allow visitors a new perspective on these fascinating animals.  Chester Zoo’s Development Director, Simon Mann, said that the new developments will “breathe fresh life into the zoo”.

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Giant Otters

Chester Zoo welcomes giant otters into a state of the art new home with the UK’s first underwater viewing gallery.  The £250k exhibit includes cubbing dens and crawl-in viewing domes allowing unparalleled viewing opportunities.  It is hoped the otters’ new home will go on to become an important international breeding centre for the species, with only 5, 000 giant otters now thought to remain in the wild.

Spirit of the Jaguar

The Zoo will also be showing off the new look Spirit of the Jaguar exhibit after a £250k refresh.   The exhibit has been given a South American theme with an aquarium containing Amazonian turtles and large shoals of fish as well as native trees and plants sourced from Holland to provide a natural setting.  In addition to four South American jaguars, also on display will be  sloths, agoutis and a colony of leaf-cutter ants.  Visitors will be introduced to the zoo’s conservation programmes in a cattle ranch themed cinema.

About Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is a registered conservation charity and supports projects around the world and closer to home in Cheshire. Welcoming 1.3 million visitors a year, it is the largest zoo in the UK; home to 7000 animals, 400 different species, many of which are endangered.

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