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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Opens Spring 2016 at Thorpe Park

Derren Brown Ghost Train

Thorpe Park Resort has announced that its new 4D thrill ride, Derren Brown's Ghost Train, will open in Spring 2016.

The theme park’s ‘most ambitious investment to date’ features a seven tonne Victorian train carriage suspended in mid-air plus live action sequences, 4D effects, illusions and next generation technology.

‘This is not an experience for the faint hearted, ’ warns Brown about the attraction he has created in association with Thorpe Park and Merlin Magic Making.

The ride, in typical Derren Brown style, plays with people’s perception of reality, and offers 12 possible journeys and 2 possible nail-biting endings. The immersive experience is heightened via the use of Virtual Reality headsets.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of THORPE PARK Resort describes Derren Brown’s Ghost Train as “a full assault on the senses which will melt minds. This is a scary new dimension THORPE PARK Resort is entering – different from any other development we have seen anywhere else in the world.”

The 10-12 minute ride propels visitors right into the heart of the action through a series of high-octane adventures enhanced with 4D effects.

“It’s brimming with surprise and of course, staying true to the Ghost Train, it will be unnerving, it will be scary, it will be fun and it will awaken your every sense, ” reports Merlin Entertainments’ Group Creative Director Paul Moreton and Merlin Magic Making’s Bradley Wynne.

Thorpe Park and Brown are keeping tight-lipped about the specifics of the ride experience itself and are asking guests to do the same:

“Akin to my shows, I ask that when you board the train, the secrets remain mine and yours to share and fear, and you don’t spoil the experience by telling others ahead of their visit, ” says Brown.

Derren Brown's Ghost Train Opens Spring 2016 at Thorpe Park

Images kind courtesy Taylor Herring

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