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Dynamic Attractions’ Game-Changing Turnkey Solution for Themed Attractions


Leading creator of media-based experiences, Dynamic Attractions, has launched what they describe as a game-changing new design-build service to theme park operators.

‘Unlimited Attractions’, a new turnkey solution that enables the design of the storytelling elements to be developed in tandem with the design of the ride system, was announced at the Asian Attractions Expo.

Dynamic Attractions launch Unlimited Attractions at AAE 2016

“By coordinating the development of the storytelling along with our highly sophisticated ride systems, attractions become more impactful, ” explains Guy Nelson, Dynamic Attractions President and Empire Industries CEO. “The company had been receiving requests for this full comprehensive attraction development service, especially in newer markets such as Asia, ” Nelson explains. This can include a range of scope from the earliest development of the story, to the creation of the solidified concept, through the progression of the design, and all the way to the fabrication and installation that leads to a successful opening day. Dynamic can be engaged at any stage of this process, and can take on as little or as much as makes sense for the project and the client.

“If a ride could be described as a physical experience, ” adds Dynamic’s VP Creative Development, George Walker, “then an attraction is an emotional experience. One that not only moves you physically through a space, but also takes you through an emotional story, crafting the scenery, lighting, media and special effects in a way that turns the ride into an attraction.” Joined by Cindy Emerick, VP of New Business Development, and Mike Haimson, VP of Technical Development, this new Unlimited Attractions division of the company merges the design of the ride system with the design of all the other storytelling elements that wrap around it.

The new design-build strategy makes Dynamic Attractions the only company providing major theme parks with a complete range of services for iconic attractions, from story development and theming to fabrication and installation.

‘Unlimited Attractions’ will operate out of the company’s recently opened Attraction Development Center. The 40, 000ft² facility in Orlando, Florida, will house design teams, media developers, and test equipment for research and development.

Dynamic Attractions Office

Dynamic Attractions, staffed by over 400 engineers, designers, fabricators and storytellers, has helped create 50 major attractions across the globe. 

The company is the Platinum Sponsor of the 2016 Asian Attractions Expo.

Dynamic Attractions Motion Theater

Images courtesy Dynamic Attractions.


QDS Fabricators: Dynamic Attractions’ steel fabrication facility in China brings the East and the West together to create iconic attractions.

Unlimited Montage: The new strategy of Dynamic Attractions delivers comprehensive attraction design.

Office: The Attraction Development Center is home to Dynamic Attractions new division in Orlando, FL where specialist of all kinds innovate and create the latest theme park wizardry!

Motion Theater: Tip, tilt, and twirl as you follow along with the action in Dynamic’s new Motion Theater.


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