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Everland incorporates virtual reality for a spookier Halloween


Technology is ramping up the scare stakes at Everland’s Blood City, with an immersive world of blood-spattered zombies and ethereal ghosts.

VR-equipped visitors can take part in a mission to find a cursed doll, opening bloodstained cupboards in a journey to complete their task.

It felt as if I was actually inside a haunted house,” a visitor told the Korean Herald.

“The doll looked like Chucky (from the movie Child’s Play) in the VR and the sound really spooked me,” she added.

On the second floor, a VR attraction gives visitors the experience of becoming a witch, riding on a flying broom.

“With VR, we can provide a diversity of immersive content and experiences in limited spaces,” said Park Tae-hyun, senior official at attraction planning team at Everland. “Our VR attractions will continue developing with more thrilling and realistic stories.” 

At the amusement park in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, Everland introduced two new VR attractions in 2017 at American Adventure, its IT-themed zone.

This zone is built based on the theme of 500 years of American history, from the time when Columbus discovered the American continent to the 1960s when Elvis Presley, the ‘King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, broke on to the music scene.

Blood City revolves around the story of a research team sent into an abandoned town that has been empty for a decade.

Everland Halloween offering

Visitors to South Korea’s largest amusement park can join the investigation team and battle the zombie apocalypse which threatens to take over the world.

Adding to the enjoyment, a zombie make-up treatment is available from the Madam Zombie Make-up Salon’ at the entrance.

There are also street performances including ‘Happy Halloween Party Parade’ and a magic show, where 50 well-known Halloween characters, including Dracula and a variety of ghouls, are let loose on the streets.

Image: Everland

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