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Hollywood-Style Premiere of ‘Batman Dark Flight’ at Dynamic’s Flying Theatre, Studio City Macau


Dynamic Attraction’s Flying Theatre was the venue for a Hollywood-style premiere of ‘Batman Dark Flight’ as part of the grand opening of Studio City Macau.

The red carpet opening of Asia’s newest resort was attended by some of Hollywood’s elite including Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Mariah Carey.

The Dynamic Flying Theatre attraction was designed and built by Dynamic Attractions, and is the first to feature a Batman-themed storyline.

Guy Nelson, Dynamic Attractions President and Empire Industries CEO, commented, “We’re proud our Dynamic Flying Theatre is Studio City’s cornerstone attraction. The range of motion delivered by the Dynamic Flying Theatre is a perfect complement to the “Batman Dark Flight” adventure, bringing to life an exhilarating guest experience like no other attraction available.”

Hollywood-Style Premiere of 'Batman,  the Dark Flight' at Dynamic's Flying Theatre

The attraction boasts the latest 4D flight simulation technology and unmatched visual graphics. The multi-sensory experience gives the  audience the impression that they are flying through Gotham City in the Batplane and racing through the streets in a high-speed car chase.  It is the world's first action ride on a Dynamic Flying Theatre, which are known for their serene experiences.

Flying Theatres are popular with all ages and Dynamic Attractions’ proprietary system lifts this reliable entertainment format to the next level.

Studio City Macau is a Hollywood-themed 1, 600 room resort featuring a spectacular Art Deco façade with a figure-eight Ferris wheel spanning the two-tower hotel designed by Goddard Group.

Studio City Macau designed by Goddard Group houses Dynamic's Flying Theatre

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