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Huss Park Attractions announces launch of Break Dance 5

New attraction is based on successful formula from original Break Dance ride

Huss Break Dance 5

Huss Park Attractions, the German ride manufacturer, has announced the latest addition to its line-up of products, Break Dance 5, which follows on from the success of its original Break Dance ride. The ride, which was recently unveiled at IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona, is based on the ‘secret Break Dance formula’ first developed for Break Dance.

Break Dance 5 has a winning formula of size, weight, angles, speed and control, as well as incorporating HUSS Operator Centre Stage, multimedia and special effects, for a unique and memorable experience.

HUSS_Break Dance 5

Operator Centre Stage

The ride is designed to appeal to both thrill-seekers and families. Thanks to the HUSS Operator Centre Stage, the operator becomes part of the show and has full show control, meaning they can interact with the visitors and the ride from their position in the centre of the attraction.

It is this which transforms it from a traditional fairground ride to a highlight attraction, bringing in a show ride cycle, including a pre-show in the queue line and continuing the performance and the story into the ride itself. Break Dance 5 is also accompanied by a soundtrack, special effects and optional multimedia content.

At the centre of the attraction is a decagonal main disc, measuring less than 18 metres across. This carries five cross-shared gyros with four gondolas, each of which can carry two passengers. The ride is also built on an incline, meaning that visitors have a clear view of the action.

While the main disc revolves, the gyros perform a counter-rotation. The combination of the slope of the main disc, the gyro movement and the weight displacement within the gondolas leads to a cycloid trajectory, causing them to rock back and forth. Plus, the oblique mount and the motion of the ride leads the gondolas to perform unpredictable 360° spins. With its mix of different ride programmes, Break Dance 5 offers a controlled show ride with a variety of staged movements. alongside countless free ride patterns based on physics.

Huss Break Dance 5 queue system

Family-friendly or thrill ride

The operator can run two different sets of show ride cycles, six in total. This means that the attraction can become a family-friendly experience of a thrill ride. Two lanes of queues optimise visitor flow, and riders can sit in comfort in the newly-designed gondolas with individual lap bars, on-board sound system, multimedia and illumination. Meanwhile, the gyros have also been updated with a new steel structure. As the drive motors are located under the main disc, the show area is now more open and noise levels are reduced.

Break Dance 5 has 20 gondolas, with a maximum of 40 riders at a time and an hourly capacity of 1,200. The ride also has a smaller footprint, under 18 metres. The ride can be supplied with customised theming and lighting, and the show ride cycle can be programmed with the client’s preferred soundtrack, multimedia content, special effects and more.

“The Break Dance has been a highlight of our product range for many years and our most successful ride to date,” says HUSS CEO Mirko J. Schulze.

“With the introduction of the Break Dance 5, we have brought the concept right up to date with a brand new design and a host of features that add further to an already very popular ride experience. With the different ride programmes available it is suitable for both families and thrill-seekers and we are confident it will prove a popular choice for operators of all types of parks.”

Huss Park Attractions offers an extensive ride portfolio, which includes attractions such as the Sky Tower, Giant Frisbee, Condor 2G, Top Spin, King Kong, Movie Base XS and Explorer.

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