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Kristiansand Park chooses Yonoton and Elo

Norway’s largest themed park, Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, chooses Yonoton and Elo for point-of-sale and self-service solutions from kiosks to apps enabling food and beverage ordering

Suite of devices with ELO-Yonoton software on them

Yonoton, a leader in omnichannel digital ordering and payment services for the hospitality and entertainment sector, announces its cooperation with leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions, Elo. Together, the companies aim to simplify the management of point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-purchase (POP) deployments in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Modernizing the theme park experience

Elo hardware is certified for Yonoton point-of-sale and kiosk solutions. The collaborators are currently prepping Norway’s largest theme park, Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, for the holiday season.

“Our ambition is to create lifelong memories for our visitors,” says André Steinsholm, the park’s head of eCommerce. “To make that happen we have to improve and optimize the guest journey constantly. One of our main goals is to reduce wasted time, and these new features will certainly help accomplish that.” 

Kristiansand Park, called Dyreparken, is well-known to be an innovative player in the theme park business, offering visitors modern experiences. The technology used throughout significantly enhances the customer journey, starting with a new Yonoton-designed app.

Chart-topping success

The Dyreparkenapp reached Norway’s top 5 downloads from Google Play in July 2019. Then, the following year, the visitor download rate hovered at 80 percent. In fact, all food & beverage orders placed were through the app.

For this summer, the client is taking further steps to modernize, with the introduction of POS and self-service solutions. Also, a new virtual queueing solution and NFC wristband payments allow visitors to better enjoy the theme park experience.

“We and our theme park partner selected touchscreens from Elo because of the reliability and quality, which gives both us and our customers peace of mind—and with Elo’s broad portfolio, we can keep different form factors and sizes all on the same hardware platform,” says Teemu Karenius, CEO at Yonoton.

An omnichannel solution

A true omnichannel solution, Yonoton’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform promises to improve business operations in a modern way that saves money. Perhaps one of the platform’s biggest benefits, however, is how it enables clients to manage everything from one location.

“We are pleased to team up with Yonoton” says Maarten Bais, General Manager and Vice President at Elo EMEA. “Our leading Android-powered interactive devices fit perfectly with Yonoton’s modern omnichannel solutions, making it easy for customers to keep their mobile apps, POS systems and self-service kiosks on the same architecture.”

Yonoton is a versatile SaaS omnichannel platform for digital ordering and purchases. Its platform allows operators to run its business from one system using the Yonoton Management Console.

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