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Lappset Creative Sponsor FEC Day at EAS – October 8th

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Lappset Creative are a proud sponsor of the FEC day at the EAS in Gothenburg October 8th. 

Focused exclusively on operators, of Family Entertainment Centers and Indoor Play Centers this “conference within a conference” offers a full day of seminars, discussions and speakers dedicated to indoor playgrounds, mini-golf centres, laser games, and bowling centres.  Speakers from across Europe as well as from the USA discuss topics from educational concepts to birthday party planning.

Johan Granholm Director Lappset CreativeLappset Creative Director, Johan Granholm will take part in the panel session “Educational Concepts: Born to be fun … and educational”.  In addition he will lead a round table discussion on “Best activity solutions for all ages” which will examine the need for activity attractions and the options to create multiple revenue streams out of them.”

Lappset Creative is a new division of Lappset, a leading manufacturer of playground and sports equipment based in Finland.  A company with family values at its core, Lappset’s collaboration with Rovio to create Angry Birds Land at Särkänniemi Adventure Park in 2011, encouraged the company to expand the branded attractions side of the business, leading to the formation of the Lappset Creative Division.

Granholm explains, “A few years ago we were thinking on how we could build something that would be interesting enough to attract children, teens and even parents outdoors to do some physical activities.  We then came up with the idea of so called Activity Parks.  This idea took immediately off and it appears that we have found a way to encourage people to ‘exercise in disguise’, meaning you suddenly end up doing a physical activity without even noticing it.

“We are now so excited and thrilled to be a part of IAAPA and the FEC day and share our ideas with or fellow colleagues in the industry.  All of us who are the parents of teens know how difficult it is to find a substitute to computer games.  Perhaps we have now found it!”

Find out more about the program here: FEC day agenda at EAS 2015

Contact for more details.

Special Offer: Free Workshop for IAAPA Members

Lappset Creative workshop offer for IAAPA

To help you in getting your activity attraction planning going, invite Lappset Creative’s workshop crew to your site for one day!  Find out more here.

Murmansk Sutu Lappset Creativ

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