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Leisure Expert Group working with Movie Park Germany on new studio tour-themed coaster

Movie Park Studios Germany

Leisure Expert Group, a leading experience design company, is working on a new studio tour-themed coaster at Movie Park Germany.

Leisure Expert Group, alongside Intamin, P&P Projects, IMAscore and Wiebe Damstra, is working on a new project at Movie Park Germany. The new Multi Dimension Coaster will open next year, as the park celebrates its 25th anniversary, and will take visitors on a Hollywood studio tour, with exciting sets and scenes as well as a matching preshow.

Leisure Expert Group has been part of the development of this ride in terms of concept and design development.

Hollywood comes to Germany

The action-packed new attraction is a combination of coaster and dark ride and will take guests to the world of Hollywood where they can be a star for the day.

Movie Park Germany is working with industry experts from IMAscore and IMAmotion, the Leisure Expert Group, Wiebe Damstra and P&P Projects to bring the new Multi Dimension Coaster by Intamin to life. The team even visited original Hollywood Studios in California to make sure their project would be authentic.

“We are happy to offer our visitors even more Hollywood in Germany! The new family coaster for the park’s 25th anniversary is a homage to the past and at the same time a new step towards a vision of the future”, says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus.

“Inspired by the famous Hollywood Studios in California, the new coaster will be spectacularly staged with a matching storyline, studio and set theming as well as multimedia.”

Guests will start the adventure when they pass the huge studio gate,  a new landmark for the themed area, based on the iconic studios in Los Angeles. Then, they will move onto the elaborately designed waiting area before viewing a matching preshow that will transport them to Hollywood.

The attraction itself takes guests behind the scenes of the world of movie production, going through 12 different scenes, from the film archive to the special effects department and the sound department, the new coaster takes them through a total of 12 different scenes.

The station of this indoor coaster will be built in art deco style as it brings together nostalgia with an exciting new experience. Visitors will enjoy speeds of up to 60 km/h as they are immersed in the history of Germany’s largest movie and amusement park.

Strengthening the brand

“With the new Multi Dimension Coaster, we want to further strengthen the brand ‘Movie Park Germany’ and position ourselves even more specifically as a movie-themed park”, says Manuel Prossotowicz, Project Manager and Director Brand Development.

“At the same time, we are also taking our guests back into the park’s past to make the Movie Park Studios a more realistic experience. Long-time visitors can look forward to numerous easter eggs, among other things, that are only waiting to be discovered”.

Movie Park Studios Germany

Riders will be able to spot callbacks to old favourites from the park, like the “Gremlins Invasion” ride, the “Cop Car Chase” coaster and the “Movie Magic Studios” as well as elements of the former studios on the Movie Park grounds, alongside new experiences and characters.

This new attraction has been designed to emphasize the park’s central theme, says Prossotowicz:

“Movie Park’s creative team travelled directly to the famous Hollywood Studios in California last year to ensure the greatest possible authenticity for the new Multi Dimension Coaster and to be able to implement the studio theme as realistically as possible.”

Meeting visitors expectations

During the design process, Movie Park Germany also conducted several visitor surveys to discover which attractions they want to see.

“The results were very clear. Among the most popular attractions were dark rides and family coasters without inversions,” says Backhaus summarizes. “With the new coaster, we are now combining the most desired and popular attraction types and elements to create a novelty in 2021 that is unique in Europe in this form.”

The indoor family ride has no inversions but is full of excitement with sound and special effects, two forward and backward launch sections and a 360-degree rotating platform, for a cinematic and immersive experience with multimedia elements.

“We are excited about the continued partnership with Movie Park Germany and our involvement in another major investment for the park,” says Marjolein van de Stolpe, Chief Experience Officer (CEO) LEG. “It highlights our commitment towards long-term collaborations and the satisfaction of our clients with our delivered design quality.”

Leisure Expert Group has also worked previously with Movie Park Germany, on Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest in 2018 and PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay in 2019.

Last month the company launched a new website, reflecting a recent redesign.

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