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SeaWorld Announces Historic New Vision and an End to Orca Breeding

SeaWorld Zhonghong Group

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc. has announced a New Vision for the future including the end of orca breeding and the launch of a new partnership to protect oceans and marine animals.

SeaWorld Announces Historic New Vision and an End to Orca BreedingThe company says the historic decision to end the orca breeding programme ‘reflects changes in society’.

The priority now is to evolve with those changes by creating new inspiring natural orca encounters and promoting the protection of the world’s oceans and the animals that inhabit them.

Over the past 50 years, SeaWorld has been instrumental in changing the public’s view of orcas through close-up encounters enjoyed by over 400 million visitors. Once feared and labelled ‘killer’ whales, orcas are now one of the most popular marine animals in the world.

“We’re creating a new vision for SeaWorld that will help us deliver on our joel many CEO SeaWorld and ex herschendmission that every guest who walks through our doors will be inspired to take action to help protect wild animals and wild places, ” says the company.

The announcement of this new vision comes a year after the appointment of Joel Manby as President & CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. in March 2015.  

Manby (right) previously served as CEO of Herschend Enterprises since 2003, and was responsible for driving strong profit expansion with an ethos of integrity.   



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