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Alterface’s Wander turns entire theme parks into interactive attractions

Wander plan Alterface

Alterface Projects introduces the innovative and scalable Wander® at IAE in Orlando.

Wander can bring interactivity to entire parks and other attractions, from the smallest building to the largest indoor/outdoor park.  The first distributed interactive solution for on-location entertainment is the latest addition to Alterface’s growing line of non-linear interactive attractions.  It joins the recently launched Erratic® dark ride.

At Wander’s core lies a dispatch centre which recognizes and assigns missions to visitors.  Action centres, installed in various areas of the park, become interactive locations where visitors perform their missions.  Visitors can go on mission alone or in groups.  Missions cannot be predicted and change all the time.

“We have put our interactivity expertise together with today’s market needs to come with a range of solutions for creating (dark) rides which are less predictable than today’s linear experiences,” says Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, CEO and founder of Alterface.  “Our new Wander® and Erratic® solutions offer visitors a new and unique experience every time.”

He points out that this requires a combination of complex technology and careful planning.  The result is a game-changer for attractions.

“This approach ensures a real differentiator for parks and will move them to the next level. Whilst Erratic® is taking dark riders into a new adventure, Wander® will turn visitors into scavenger hunters, crossing the park in search of clues, challenges, rewards or surprises.”

Alterface relies on its powerful Salto™ interactive engine to fuel the experience. Salto is already in play at attractions in Phantasialand and Six Flags.  However it has now been updated, becoming a highly flexible system able to adapt to any venue regardless of its size.  With a virtually unlimited amount of gameplay possibilities each visit becomes a new experience.  It also acts as a tool to spread the crowd between attractions.

Alterface to unveil interactive scavenger hunt experience, Wander, at IAAPA Attractions Expo

The Wander magic wand contains no batteries nor moving parts.  It can be easily stored or even sold and returned for the next mission. Its infrastructure is highly flexible, supporting multiple operational modes.  The wand can operate as a standalone attraction or, equally, it can be enhanced through interfaces with programmes such as season passes, loyalty cards and local payment systems.

 “We have taken great care that the components of the magic wand remain as light and small as possible, making it portable and perfectly suitable for all ages and design formats,” says Cornet. “Alterface can handle the complete deployment of a Wander system in a park or FEC. Our experts guide customers step by step through the required preparation phase, liaising with IT resources for complete integration of the system in the park’s visitor database. This way we can ensure the ideal solution in view of visitor dynamics and park culture.”

The Wander system can function as a walkthrough experience within a building or any other location inside and outside. It adds interactivity in places which are not suited for traditional ride systems, turning each and every park or building into an attraction in its own right.

“Alterface will continue to lead the way by providing affordable solutions to fit every park’s needs and offer visitors a truly unique experience,” says Cornet. “As technology and communication further evolve, the industry needs to continuously innovate in concepts which optimize space and offer future-proof attractions.”

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