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Six Flags 2020 Season: a recipe for speed, spins & splashes

Six Flags 2020 line-up Mack Rides Aquaman Power Wave

On August 29th, Six Flags announced every new addition coming to its theme parks across North America for the 2020 season. Similar to Cedar Fair’s announcement two weeks ago, Six Flags may have surprised quite a few people with its upcoming additions.

By Lance HartScreamscape

Based on the announcement, there seems to be a strong focus on waterpark additions rather than new roller coasters. There is also a healthy dose of new flat rides. After years of not adding flat rides to the mix, it is very interesting to see Six Flags invest so heavily in them this season with half a dozen new purchases from Zamperla. There will be five new flat rides; 2 Discovery, 2 Endeavours and 1 Super Air Race, plus the purchase of a new Spinning Mouse Coaster.

six flags 2020 new attractions

In addition to this, Six Flags is trying something new this year and has purchased two Booster rides from Funtime. This is unique as Booster rides tend to be up-charge attractions that come with an extra cost to ride. Instead, Six Flags is adding a 4-passenger version to The Great Escape and a 16-passenger version to Six Flags St. Louis.

Less new roller coasters for Six Flags

As previously mentioned, the coaster front is a little dry looking. The Six Flags 2020 line-up includes the purchase of a medium-sized coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction, and a custom new layout featuring RMC’s single rail Raptor coaster system going to Six Flags Great Adventure as the Jersey Devil. There is also the Zamperla Spinning Mouse going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Additionally, the former Green Lantern: First Flight (Intamin Zacspin) coaster will be relocated to Canada. It will be installed at La Ronde as Vipere next year.

Beyond this, Six Flags is also purchasing its first-ever Mack Rides Power Splash water coaster. This will be going to Six Flags Over Texas as Aquaman Power Wave. After all, the Mack Power Splash is more of a shuttle coaster style ride experience that has a splash-down finale. This is a welcome addition for many, as it seems too many parks in North America have been retiring their water rides and not buying replacements. So seeing this new creation come to North America is indeed a pleasant surprise in my book.

Seven new waterpark additions in Six Flags 2020 line-up

Standing out in the Six Flags 2020 line-up for me, however, is a staggering seven new waterpark additions. Some of this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The chain has been re-branding and adding new small waterparks to their portfolio over the past year.

This list includes the re-branding of Magic Waters as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – Rockford and Oklahoma’s White Water Bay as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – Oklahoma City. For 2020, Six Flags will invest in different waterpark attractions to suit the individual needs of each park. There will also be Paradise Island, a new themed guest area for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – Phoenix.

With Cedar Fair and Six Flags both going very light on adding new roller coasters in 2020, following a fairly light 2019 season, it does make me wonder if we have seen the end of the ‘coaster war’ era, where the chains would go all out to build the biggest and fastest new creations. SeaWorld Entertainment is adding major new roller coasters at all five of its major properties in 2020. Yet so far the year has only seen 15 new roller coasters confirmed for North America. This is an area which normally sees about 30-40 added each year.

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Lance Hart

Lance Hart

Lance has been running Screamscape for nearly 20 years. Married and a father to three roller coaster loving kids, he worked for SeaWorld (San Diego and Orlando) in Operations and Entertainment for 19 years.

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