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Amusement Parks: Camelot Theme Park – a Potted History

Camelot Theme Park is an amusement park which is, appropriately, based upon the legend of Camelot. The amusement park is
situated in the North-West of England in Charnock Richard near Chorley in Lancashire and it is easily accessible from the M6 motorway.

The amusement park was opened in 1984 and it has been operating on a seasonal basis ever since with the 2009 season beginning on April 4th.

This amusement park is aimed at a target audience of both younger and older kids alike as well as being fun for all the family. There’s the usual amusement park thrills associated with the bigger roller coasters such as Knightmare which is the amusement park’s latest attraction. This ride, costing 3 million, opened in 2007 and is a over half a mile long where you get to travel at speeds of up to 40mph. It also boasts of pulling 5Gs at some points during its mid-ride plunge which is referred to as the ‘psycho drop’. Other thrill rides at the amusement park include The Rack, Excalibur 2 and a spinning rollercoaster called Whirlwind.

The amusement park also features gentler rides and log flumes for younger children who can also benefit from the indoor play area if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

There’s much more to this amusement park than just the rides themselves, however. Merlin can be found performing his magical tricks and illusions twice a day in his magnificent castle where audience participation is greatly encouraged.

Camelot Theme Park is also an amusement park which is famous for its medieval shows. Its knights will thrill you with their jousting skills and horsemanship and jugglers, jesters and fire eaters combine to create a medieval spectacle not to be missed.

Situated in a beautiful rural location, you can also catch your breath at this amusement park by taking your kids to Camelot’s magical animal kingdom known as Squire Bumpkin’s Farm. There are lots of different animals to see such as goats, lambs, piglets, ponies and there’s even a 28 year old donkey called Moses which the farm rescued a few years ago.

The amusement park was owned by the Granada Group from 1986 up until 1998, when it was subject to a management buyout when ownership of the amusement park was transferred to its current owners, Prime Resorts.

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