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4D Theater : XPAND Launches the “X101 Series” The New Generation in 3D Glasses Technology


XPAND, the international authority in 3D cinemas and technology platforms, today announced the official roll-out of its newest model of 3D glasses – the X101 Series – introducing them as the most sophisticated technology in today’s marketplace for viewing stereoscopic 3D digital cinema. 

XPAND’s new X101 Series of 3D active glasses represent several months of comprehensive R&D, engineering and design to equip them with state-of-the-art technical features and a streamlined, stylish appearance to optimize guest experience, comfort and to ease exhibitor operations.  The core 3D viewing technology is the company’s patented “pi-cell” system, in which a specialized, fast-switching liquid crystal cell provides rapid, stereoscopic shutter action to deliver alternate right- and left-eye images.

New and upgraded features of the redesign were added with both exhibitors and their customers in mind. They include rugged construction with built-in flex points and replaceable batteries that extend product life, a lightweight and stylish form factor that is comfortable even when worn over eyeglasses, a modular design to accommodate both adults and children, environmentally friendly diodes, and a power-saving auto on/off mechanism. The light-efficient technology delivers the brightest possible picture and saves projector lamp power. The glasses also feature long-range IR signal activation, compatibility with DLP cinema chips, and a choice of two elective anti-theft systems.

“Now is a time of dramatic growth in 3D digital exhibition, and our company is fully committed to providing exhibitors with a complete line of top-quality 3D cinema products that are both robust and well priced, ” says XPAND CEO Maria Costeira. “Technology never stands still and the new X101 Series active glasses are designed to be better, brighter, less costly and easier to maintain. Our dedication and constant efforts to improve XPAND’S offerings mean that everybody wins: Theater patrons have a fulfilling experience and make repeat visits, and operators maximize their returns.” 

The product line now also includes an optional, rolling trolley for storing, distributing and collecting the glasses before and after screenings. Each easy-load trolley holds about 250 sets of glasses.  Additional products to support this new rollout of active glasses will be announced in the coming months as the company continues to develop a solid line of applications to make the 3D experience the best on the market.   

Industry veterans from theatrical exhibition, film production & distribution, specialty film formats and digital technologies created XPAND. This broad range of professionals is a diversely experienced team driving the force in creating the absolute digital 3D cinema experience. XPAND offers several unique 3D theater solutions and has partnered with hundreds of exhibitors, who continue to enjoy substantial returns from XPAND’s high-end technology, ongoing operations and creative marketing strategies.

X6D Limited, marketing its products under the brand XPAND, has subsidiaries in the United States with a production facility in Portland, Oregon (XPAND Inc.), Nevada and in Los Angeles, California (X6D USA Inc.), which includes a technology division specializing in design, engineering and installation of fully-integrated, DCI compliant theater systems for the institutional and attractions market, which incorporates audio/visual displays and show controls, digital signage and a host of other interactive and immersive technology applications to create multi-use theater facilities.

Laura Peralta-Jones
XPAND USA:  626.405.1114
XPAND EU: +386.1.520.5555

XPAND USA. • 115 W. California Blvd, #206  • Pasadena, CA • USA 91105
626.405.1114 • 626.796.1717/fax • www.xpandcinema.

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