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Amusement Parks: Castles N’ Coasters – a Potted History

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Castles N’ Coasters is a small amusement park located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The amusement park, which is situated on just 10 acres of land, opened in 1980 and has several rides, an indoor video game arcade, four 18-hole miniature golf courses, a log flume, bumper cars, bumper boats and a go-kart track.

The amusement park is also home to two rollercoasters – Desert Storm and Patriot. Its newest ride is called Sky Diver which will raise you to an extreme heigh of 120 feet then plunge you straight back down to earth.

The log flume ride at the amusement park is called Splashdown Falls but just as you think this will be a gentle, scenic journey, the adventure begins as the flume takes a ‘wrong’ turn which sees it crash down waterfalls, startles a herd of elephants and sees you end up taking a detour through a Polynesian village.

There’s also the Magic Carpet ride at the amusement park which takes you on a journey of Aladdin’s Castle and there’s the beautifully handcrafted Carousel featuring 60 horses and which has to be one of the most spectacular old-fashioned carousels of all time.

There are three specially designed rides at the amusement park for younger children – the Junior Dixie Wheel, Spinning Top and Flying Bugs.

The arcade at the amusement park covers an area of 18, 000 square feet and features over 300 games including several interactive video games, air hockey, a shooting gallery, pinball machines and many typical fairground games with prizes to be won.

The four miniature golf courses at the amusement park have you playing your round of golf through lush landscapes, world-famous landmarks and spectacular waterfalls so matter what your score, you’ll still enjoy the view.

This relatively small but enjoyable amusement park is open all year round and also caters for both corporate and birthday parties as well as hosting a number of school field trips throughout the year.

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