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Amusement Parks: Clementon Park and Splash World – a Potted History

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Clementon Park and Splash World is a relatively small amusement park located in Clementon, New Jersey.

The amusement park is one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the world and its origins date back to 1907 and its founder, local New Jersey assemblyman, Theodore Gibbs. 

With trolley lines becoming increasingly popular as a way of encouraging visitors to take a trip to amusement parks, it attracted many weekend visitors in particular from neighbouring Camden who wanted new experiences during their leisure time. 

In 1931, a fire very nearly destroyed the amusement park but it survived and was run by the Gibbs family until 1977 when they sold it on to Abram Baker, who owned a nightclub in Miami as well as other entertainment attractions in Atlantic City and Maryland and who subsequently passed the operations of the amusement park onto his son Larry just two years later.

The amusement park continued to be run by Larry Baker right up until 2007, when a new era began as it was taken over by the company Adrenaline Family Entertainment.

Today it is run both as an amusement park with its thrill seeking rides as well as incorporating ‘Splash World’ with its Laguna Kahuna, a 13, 000 feet interactive water play area, being the latest addition to the water park element of the amusement park which opened in 2008.

The amusement park has just under 30 rides in total. Its latest rollercoaster called Hell Cat is extremely popular alongside its much loved log flume, King Neptune’s Revenge. 

There are also several family rides at the amusement park including the nostalgic C.P. Huntington Train which is a miniature replica of a classic steam engine.

The amusement park also boasts a giant 90 foot Ferris wheel from where visitors can experience a totally unique perspective of the park, its magnificent lake and the Splash World expansion.

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