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Amusement Parks : Diggerland – a Potted History

Diggerland is the name given to a group of 4 amusement parks in England which are all based around the theme of JCBs and other diggers. This amusement park group is owned by H.E. Services which is the UK’s largest specialist excavator hire company.

The first Diggerland amusement park opened back in 2000 on a car park in Strood in Kent and came about as the result of a general open day which H.E. Services held at the time for their clients and families. On that day, they noticed that whilst their clients were busy evaluating and inspecting the brand new ranges of diggers for hire, their children were more fascinated by getting to sit on the diggers and having their photographs taken on them. Thus, the idea of Diggerland amusement park was born.

Subsequently, two further Diggerland amusement parks opened for business in 2003 at Langley Park in County Durham and at Verbeer Manor in Cullompton in Devon with a fourth being added at Whitwood, near Castleford in West Yorkshire in 2007.

Whichever Diggerland amusement park you choose to visit, both adults and children alike will get the opportunity to learn about the workings of each machine and get to drive them under the instruction and strict supervision of fully qualified instructors. Whether it’s a mini or giant digger or a dumper truck, all the machines have been specially adapted to enable even 5 years olds to drive them.

The amusement park is not just about education and practical driving experience, however. Each Diggerland amusement park has 19 different rides including the Sky Shuttle, Joyrider and challenge machines such as Skittles and Dippy Ducks. Dodgems were also introduced to the amusement park in 2008.

The amusement park also caters for adults only and corporate events such as hen and stag nights as well as team building events where you can race JCBs and other dumper trucks.

Driving trucks is hungry work so, after you’ve enjoyed the thrill of the amusement park, you can refuel at the ‘Dig Inn’ which has a good selection of burgers, snacks and other salads although the amusement park in Yorkshire has yet to complete the construction of its own ‘Dig Inn’. Mobile caterers are on hand there however.

The 4 Diggerland amusement parks are open from January to September. However, they are all closed to the general public on certain days each month so it’s important you check out the Diggerland website of the amusement park you intend visiting before you set off.

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