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Amusement Parks: Disney Quest – a Potted History

DisneyQuest is an indoor amusement park located at the Walt Disney Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

The amusement park, which primarily focuses on a virtual reality interactive experience, is housed inside a 5 storey windowless building and, once inside, visitors can experience a whole range of virtual reality attractions as well as both modern and classic video games in the arcade.

This Florida based amusement park is the only one remaining of several similar projects which were originally intended to be rolled out over a number of cities across the USA and also in Canada but which never made it past the planning stage. Whilst the amusement park does get its fair share of international tourists and holidaymakers, it is extremely popular with locals who can buy an annual pass for just the cost of three admissions.

On the first floor of the amusement park you battle against pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean in an effort to capture gold.

The second floor of the amusement park gives way to the creative talents of budding artists and performers. For example, you can create your own song with Radio Disney Music Maker and then buy it and take it home and learn how to create cartoon characters in the Animation Academy.

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster on Floor 3 of the amusement park gives you the chance to experience a virtual reality version of bumper cars whilst on the 4th and 5th floors of the amusement park, you put on a virtual reality head mounted display and battle with villains in a comic book setting in Ride the Comix.  The 5th floor is also the place where you can do battle with extra-terrestrial aliens in ‘Invasion’.

The attractions mentioned above, however, are just some of the highlights on each floor of the amusement park.

The amusement park’s unofficial mascot is the Genie from Aladdin. In fact, whenever there’s a fault with a game, you’ll always see a sign saying, “The Genie has spotted a technical problem”. It’s also the Genie’s voice you’ll hear when welcoming you into the amusement park and at the end of day closing announcements.

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