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Amusement parks: Gulliver’s World – a Potted History

Gulliver’s World is a family-oriented amusement park which was opened in 1989 and is an amusement park designed to appeal to families with young children of between 2 and 13 years of age. The amusement park is situated a couple of miles to the west of Warrington in Cheshire in a forest location which incorporates a man-made lake close to the suburbs of Callands and Old Hall.

The amusement park is divided into 9 different sections which all have a different theme. For example, there is Circus World, Adventure World, Water World and Alice’s Wonderland to name just a few of the amusement park’s attractions. To some, it might seem hard to figure out where ‘Alice’ fits into the amusement park until you discover that Lewis Carroll’s birthplace of Daresbury, another rural suburb of Warrington, lies just a few miles away – Lewis Carroll, of course, being the author of Alice’s adventures.

Each of the divided sections in the amusement park contains rides, shows, restaurants and other attractions with plenty for children to see and do. Another plus of this amusement park is that 40% of its rides and attractions, including the queuing areas are undercover so even the rain cannot dampen the enthusiasm.

Gulliver’s World is also an amusement park which can boast its own resident characters – Gully & Gilly Mouse who, alongside their friends, are always on hand to entertain the children and to sprinkle their own special brand of magic on the day.

Some of the highlights of the amusement park include climbing the rigging on the Pirates Play Ship and the fantastic fairytale castle in Lilliput Land where you can pretend to be a prince or princess or a witch or wizard. There’s even a tractor driving school which not only contains miniature tractors but a whole host of other farm machines you can ride on.

One of the real advantages of the amusement park is that because it is a family business owned and run by a family – no new ride, show or attraction gets the go-ahead of approval before it has been fully trialled to ensure that it suits the needs of a family.

There are a further three Gulliver’s amusement parks to choose from in addition to Gulliver’s World in Warrington. All based on similar principles, the other three are Gulliver’s Kingdom in Matlock Bath, which was the first Gulliver amusement park to be opened in 1978. Milton Keynes has two Gulliver’s amusement parks. Gulliver’s Land opened in 1999 and Gulliver’s Eco Park was the latest addition, having recently opened in 2007.

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