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Amusement Parks: The Movie Park – a Potted History

The Movie Park Germany is an amusement park located in Bottrop-Kirchhellen in Germany. It began life in 1996 under the title of ‘Warner Brothers Movie World but in 1999, the amusement park joined forces with the world famous ‘Six Flags’ amusement park ‘brand’. In 2004, the amusement park came under the ownership of StarParks, which is a sub-division of Palomon Capital, which led to it being rebranded under its current name. The old Warner Bros. licences these days have now been replaced by the likes of MGM, Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox.

The amusement park comprises of 6 different areas. There’s the Hollywood Street Set which features the Crazy Action Stunt Show and Shrek 4-D and, for younger children, there’s the new NICKLAND which features SpongeBob and his pals and the Danny Phantom Ghost Zone. 

Splash water ride enthusiasts will enjoy Santa Monica Pier which combines water rides, palm trees and sand and rides such as the Pier Patrol Jet Ski Ride and the Crazy Surfer. 

The Mystery River takes you through dark caves and canyons where you will encounter mythical creatures and the Ice Age Adventure are also two of the most popular attractions at the amusement park. 

Thrill seekers at the amusement park will enjoy ‘white knuckle’ experiences on High Fall where you will plunged 60 metres down towards the ground or you can sample the intensity of the MP Xpress roller coaster.

For those interested in the history of the movies, MGM’s Hollywood Film Museum is a must at the amusement park. In addition, there is entertainment in the form of spectacular shows at the amusement park including the Pink Panther show, the Blues Brothers show, and a tribute to New York’s Broadway.

The amusement park is open from early April until the end of October but opening and closing times can vary throughout the season so check the website for details.

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