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Zoos: Clyde Peelings’s Reptiland – a Potted History

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Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland is an unusual type of zoo located on Route 15 between Williamsport and Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

The zoo is ‘unusual’ in that it specialises in reptiles and amphibians but it does so in such an imaginative, educational, entertaining and, above all, safe way so that adults and children can feel comfortable in finding out so much more about these fascinating  members of the animal kingdom that are so often feared and misunderstood.

The zoo, which opened in 1964, is named after Clyde Peeling who is a reptile enthusiast and is often referred to as the ‘Lizard Man’.

At the zoo, you can see and explore the world of vipers, pythons, cobras, mambas and other rare species of snake. There are also giant alligators, tortoises, lizards and colourful frogs at the zoo and you’ll be fascinated when you watch the different species at feeding time.

The entire experience at the zoo can be broken down into two separate components. Firstly, you can watch a multimedia show about the world of reptiles and become educated and have all of your myths and fears shattered with live lectures and demonstrations after which you can meet with the zookeepers to ask them any questions you might have. You’ll also have the opportunity to touch some of the more harmless species if you're brave enough!

At the zoo, there is also a behind the scenes tour where you can see how the reptiles and amphibians are cared for and learn all about the creatures’ behaviours and day-to-day routines as well being shown how to handle venomous snakes by trained experts at the zoo.

The zoo has recently renovated its indoor exhibit complex so there is a year round opportunity to visit this fascinating zoo where you’ll get to see the creatures living in their own natural habitats recreated indoors and amongst the lush gardens outdoors with their ornamental grasses, flowers and bamboo making for a perfect setting for these most curious and interesting species. Most visitors leave the zoo with so many of their beliefs changed forever and their fears dissipated having witnessed an amazing educational and entertainment packed adventure.

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