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Zoos: Popcorn Park Zoo – a Potted History

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Popcorn Park Zoo is located in Forked River, New Jersey.

The zoo is, in fact, more of an animal sanctuary than a zoo and is run by the Associated Human Societies which was founded back in 1906 and has since become the largest shelter for animals in the entire state. Popcorn Park Zoo, which was established in 1977, is just one of three such shelters run by the AHS in New Jersey – the other two being located in Newark and Tinton Falls.

The main goal of the zoo is the welfare, care and rehabilitation of abused, abandoned, exploited, sick or elderly animals which incorporates not only dogs and cats but also farm animals, wild species, exotic species and birds.

Over 15, 000 animals pass through Popcorn Park Zoo each year.

The zoo is extremely popular with people who not only have a passion for animals but who also want to make a real difference in a suffering animal’s life. To do this, the zoo runs several programmes which are designed to help through sponsorship, direct donation or via becoming a member.

For example, the zoo’s ‘Popcorn Park Wildlife Club’ encourages regular monthly donations which go towards improving the health and well-being of a particular animal and you’ll get to receive regular monthly updates about your chosen animal’s progress at the zoo.

Other programmes at the zoo, such as Share-A-Pet are aimed more at cats and dogs that have particular special needs and/or require ongoing medical care. Through kind sponsorship, the money is put to good use by providing inoculations, annual examinations, neutering and preventative treatment for as long as the animal is required to stay at the zoo.

The zoo also extends its reach into the local community by offering to take in pets when a local resident is no longer well enough to look after their pet themselves.

The zoo also works hard in support of their adoption programme which aims, where possible, to find suitable homes for animals that have been rehabilitated with members of the community who are looking for a pet.

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