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2008 Broadway League Statistics Competitive with 2007


The Broadway League Announces Calendar Year-End Numbers – Holiday grosses exceed 2007 by nearly 2 million dollars

Broadway grossed $940, 871, 190 for the 2008 calendar year (52-week period: December 31, 2007 through December 28, 2008).  Paid attendance for Broadway during this period reached 12, 319, 902.  Playing weeks, the best indicator of overall Broadway activity, numbered 1, 653 for 2008**.  Theatre seats were 75.6% filled.

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*Note: Every 7th year, a 53-week year is necessary to compensate for the 365th day in each intervening year.

**Playing Weeks are calculated by counting the number of weeks during which each show performed in a given year, and then adding up each show’s subtotal to determine the overall number of weeks of performance logged by all shows. The result is the best measure of Broadway’s productivity (overall activity).

The 2008 calendar year numbers were virtually flat compared to those for 2007, although there were a number of anomalies for 2007 including the 19-day work stoppage and the fact that 2007 was a 53-week year. In addition, there were 52 weeks of non reporting of grosses by Young Frankenstein in 2008, versus 12 weeks of non reporting grosses in 2007.  

Looking at the historically lucrative holiday weeks encompassing Christmas and New Year’s Eve for 2008 and 2007 (the last week in December plus first week in January), the numbers this year were strong. In 2007, Weeks 31 (week ending 12/30/07) plus 32 (week ending 1/6/08) totaled $49.06 million in grosses and 564, 436 in attendance. In 2008, Weeks 31 (week ending 12/28/08) plus 32 (week ending 1/4/09) totaled $50.99 million in grosses and 547, 575 in attendance.

Charlotte St. Martin, Executive Director of The Broadway League said, “Even though the last few months of the year were challenging, these last two weeks encompassing the Christmas and New Year’s holidays grossed nearly two million dollars more than the same two-week period last year! This reflects that even in tough economic times, theatregoers go to the theatre!”

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St. Martin continued, “Over 20 new shows are lined up to open before spring to enhance an already exciting season, and it’s a great time to see a Broadway show featuring your favorite stars!”

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