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Alterface announces New Sales and US Service Partner


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Trade shows season has come to an end. Both in Rome and Orlando, Alterface had great success. After 7 days on the trade show floor, nearly 5000 players managed to ride and experience our new 5Di Desperados game. Had we been able to charge 5 Euro (or $5.00) per visitor… you do the math! This makes perfect sense for an FEC!

That’s precisely what many visitors did understand after seeing what Alterface has to offer. Alterface’s 5Di will soon open in France, Indonesia, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, …and many more. Our Interactive Haunted House will soon thrill visitors in England, China and the United States! It’s exactly this type of proforma and wide range of products to choose from that attracted perspective buyers to commit to a purchase. Crazy Circus and our Interactive Dark Rides also generated interest from theme parks and FEC operator’s, exceeding expectations.

2011 will be an outstanding year for Alterface thanks to its technology. Widely recognized as mature, reliable and spot on for end user needs! For 10 years Alterface has been in the market. Establishing itself as a trendsetter and the leader in out of home, group, fun, smart, interactive attractions.

Determined to expand upon and further offer this technology and support World Wide, Alterface announces an important strategic break through across the Atlantic Ocean:

Backstage Connections, Our new Sales and Service Partner for Alterface in the United States

For its US customers, Alterface now offers a local sales and service point of contact! Located right in the heart of the United States, Backstage Connections has strong technical expertise in all matters related to the themed entertainment industry.

Tom Gass, owner and founder of Backstage Connections met Alterface during the installation of the Castle of Chaos interactive haunted house at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson. Right away, it was obvious that Tom and his team were the perfect match to Alterface’s team for a high quality level of service on American soil.

Tom Gass was born and raised in the entertainment industry. A California native, and the son of Dianne Lennon of The Lennon Sisters, Tom spent his childhood surrounded by television and live theater settings.

In 1994, Tom ventured to Branson, where he completed the installation of the lighting and sound systems for the well-known Welk Resort Theater. Upon completion, Tom was hired as the theater’s audio technician, where he worked for three seasons. Noticing a need in Branson’s entertainment industry, Tom merged his strong background in construction, renovation and restoration with a love of entertainment, bringing Backstage Connections to life in 1996. In doing so, Tom established Branson’s first full theatrical support, fabrication and supply company.

Located right in the center of the United States, Backstage Connections is the new Sales and Service Partner for all Alterface’s worldly acclaimed products: 5Di, Themed Interactive Cinema, Interactive Dark Rides and Interactive 5D Haunted House. They will work in close collaboration with Alterface’s Main Office in Belgium to provide the best services across North America.

About Alterface

Founded in 2001, Alterface develops, markets and implements interactive entertainment and/or education solutions. Initially a spin-off from the Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), Alterface today has 30 employees at its site in Belgium and a Sales & Service Partner located in Branson, MO (USA). The company’s exclusive technology and expertise enable it to position itself as a key contact for its many clients, theme parks and museums, located all over the world.

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