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Amusement Parks: Lo-Q announces proximity marketing now available on Q-bot virtual queuing wireless devices


Lo-Q plc, the leading supplier of virtual electronic queuing systems to theme parks, has announced the availability of proximity marketing the latest marketing initiative on its Q-bot virtual queuing system.  Proximity marketing on a Q-bot enables theme parks to send free, text promotional messages to visitors within specific areas of the park on their hand held Q-bot.
The Q-bot allows visitors to make reservations for their favourite rides from anywhere within the theme park and then places them in a virtual queue.  Instead of standing in line visitors are free to enjoy the rest of the grounds, other attractions, shops or restaurants until it is their time to ride.
Proximity marketing on a Q-bot will allow messages to be delivered at a time and place that makes them immediately relevant and enticing.  For example special discounts at nearby restaurants or details of attractions close by, will appear on the Q-bot screen to help visitors make the most of the their time at the park. 
Leonard Sim, Founding Director at Lo-Q explained, “Until now we could send global messages to Q-bots, for example promoting season tickets or new attractions in the park.  However, by enhancing our communications protocol we have introduced the ability to send messages relevant to a particular location.  This will drive additional revenue for park operators and prove time saving for visitors as they will be directed to a restaurant or different attraction near to where they are.” 
Proximity marketing has been introduced to Legoland and Six Flags in Texas, USA. Using Q-bot devices, guests have more time having fun in the park while they wait for the most popular attractions.  When they get to the front of the queue an alert is sent to the guest’s Q-bot and they can enter the ride.  Visitors still have to wait for their turn to come around but now with proximity marketing messages keeping them updated they will be able to use that time more effectively on activities only a short distance from wherever they are.
Leonard Sim concluded, “Lo-Q works in partnership with customers to create additional revenue opportunities while improving the visitor experience by allowing them to avoid lengthy queues.  Our new proximity marketing initiative also allows park operators to build customer relationships by providing information that is useful to visitors without overtly selling.  By combining virtual queuing with proximity marketing on Q-bots everyone wins.” 
About Lo-Q 

Lo-Q plc is a UK publically traded company with subsidiary companies in USA and Canada.  Lo-Q designs, installs and operates solutions that allow customers to make ride and show reservations when they visit a theme park or other attraction.
Its flagship product, the Q-bot system is a true virtual queuing system for theme parks.  The Q-bot is a proprietary hand-held unit and is used in major theme parks around the world, including LEGOLAND® Windsor in the UK, Dreamworld in Australia, Mirabilandia in Italy and ten Six Flags theme parks in the USA and Canada and Dollywood near Tennesse, USA.
Q-txt is a mobile phone based reservation system for venues with a smaller number of queue lines.  Q-txt is in use in a number of locations including Flamingo Land in Yorkshire, UK and Parque Isla Magica in Saville, Spain. 
Lo-Q has extensive patent protection and owns the intellectual property rights in the system, its software and electronic design.  Its headquarters are in Henley-on-Thames in the UK and its USA offices are near Atlanta, Georgia.    

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