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Aquariums : Animalive`s ChatterBox Mini at Sea Life Centre


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Animalive, a leading developer of live interactive theatres, announced that it has singed agreement with Merlin group to provide its latest technology solution ChatterBox Mini for Sealife Centre brand. Animalive`s unique technology will be placed in four Sealife centres in the UK, adding new level of theatre-based entertainment and education for its guests.

Animalive`s Chatter Box Mini has won an IAAPA award for the Best Product for Show Production and Entertainment. This technology combines motion capture, real time animation rendering software and video recoding / mixing hardware, a solution previously only available to TV production companies for children programs. Now Animalive makes this technology available to Theme Parks, Children`s Play Centres, FEC`s, Museums and other attraction facilities.

The ChatterBox Mini trial was suggested by Max Leviston, General Manager of Sealife Centre in Brighton. He saw the potential for this product within the Sealife brand  and introduced its trial last year “Once I had seen the package and worked through the numerous benefits that it could offer a family focused attraction such as mine, I jumped at the chance” – says Max Leviston. This gave the opportunity not only to entertain guests and visitors but also to increase environmental awareness with an innovative audience-based dynamic programme. “Not everyone will read a leaflet or poster, and certainly not children. When their favourite cartoon character tells them the difference they can make by recycling rubbish or being more efficient with energy they listen and take it all on board” – observed Max Leviston.

The trial proved to be very successful and quickly become  popular with guests. From March 2010 the contract was signed to install the ChatterBox Mini solution in Sealife Centre locations – Brighton, Birmingham, Weymouth and Scarborough. Animalive worked together with the team to produce custom characters, their back stories, along with an exciting interactive quiz.

“We are very excited about this project. We have been working closely with Max Leviston to understand their needs and requirements. For their purpose we created special character, Kiah the Turtle, who host an interactive quiz. The quiz asks guests questions about their experience and what have they learned during their visit. These questions were supplied by the Sealife centres’ animal husbandry experts. The flexibility of our systems allows for a multi media platform, not only can you greet guests and educate children but also provide promotional information, therefore perfectly fits Sealife centre business model” – says Ali Kord, CEO of Animalive.

Max Leviston adds “They proved to me from day one that they were receptive to new ideas and have worked tirelessly to deliver a product that was good and now is great! Every time I made a suggestion about potential improvements they were ready to look for solution. Now, we are looking for way to create commercial opportunity as well as excellent VFM”.

For any further enquiries regarding Animalive products, please contact:
Animalive UK: +44 (0) 1273 417440:
Animalive US: +1 512 5400855;

More information on all Animalive`s products can be found on the official website:

About Animalive

Animalive technologies, is owned and operated by Digital Interactive Booth Systems Ltd, headquartered  in Brighton, UK. Animalive offers the very latest in live interactive animation system which combine award winning motion capture system, real time animation rendering software and video recording hardware to produce ChatterBox products. Animalive is the 2009 winner of IAAPA`s first place award, Best Product for Show Production and Entertainment.
© 2010 Digital Interactive Booth Systems Ltd. The interlocking Animalive logo, Animazoo, ChatterBox Mini, ChatterBox Partyroom and all associated logos and designs are trademarks of Digital Interactive Booth Systems Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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