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Aquariums: The world’s first log flume ride through a crocodile enclosure will officially launch at Weymouth Sea Life Centre at 11am on Tuesday (June 16th).


Crocodile-themed boats will ferry passengers through a newly developed sanctuary for rescued caiman crocodiles.

The only barrier between passengers and croc’s will be the depth of the adjacent pit.

First to brave the new £1 million experience at Weymouth Sea Life Park will be seven children from the Julia’s House hospice, closely followed by 12 youngsters from Wyvern School.

Any of the six caimans in the new sanctuary can enter that deep pit…but they will be too far below the passing boats to pose any danger.

On the far side of the pit, level with the passing boats, is a large pool with the occasional dark snout and sinister staring eyes visible just above the surface.

“We’re really excited about our new feature ‘Escape from Crocodile Creek’ and confident it’s going to be a big favourite with visitors, ” said manager Nicky Upton.

“There’s never been anything like this before. We’ve managed to combine a much-needed refuge for rescued and homeless caimans with a thrilling family ride and the two go together brilliantly.

“The caimans, between four and six feet long, took to their new home immediately, and don’t bat an eye-lid at the passing boats or passengers.”

Two of the caymans were abandoned outside zoo gates and the others all outgrew their former homes.

“As well as providing a great fun experience we aim to deliver a powerful crocodile conservation message and try and discourage anyone who might be thinking of trying to keep one of these animals as a pet, ” said Nicky.

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