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Audiovisual Technology: BRC Imagination Arts Opens Latest Collaboration with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center


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New “Exploration Space” Attraction Encourages Visitors to Imagine the Future of Space Exploration – and Join the Team
The fifth collaboration between NASA, The Kennedy Space Center and BRC Imagination Arts has opened its doors to the public.  Exploration Space, a 10, 000 square foot attraction that is among the most technically complicated exhibits at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, puts visitors at the center of the future of space travel, inspiring young visitors to play an active role in making the next twenty years of space exploration a truly revolutionary mission.

Exploration Space is the first attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to examine the near future of space exploration.  Rather than celebrating the accomplishments of the past, Exploration Space is about what’s potentially ahead: from new spacecraft concepts to a life-sized Lunar Electric Rover and the latest spacesuit technology, explorers of all ages get a glimpse into the future of space travel, today.

“Exploration Space combines the best of live theater, interactive exhibits and new media to engage, encourage and educate young audiences in particular, ” said Matthew Solari, director of education development at BRC Imagination Arts.  

Filled with light, color, sound and energy, Exploration Space features large-scale digital projections, dimensional exhibits and immersive experiences, inviting guests to become a part of the future of space exploration. The main show, “Explorers Wanted, ” runs approximately twice an hour, transforming the entire space into an immersive, live theater environment with a compelling message that there is room for all kinds of people in the future of space exploration.
Other features include:
The introductory exhibit, titled “Your Mission, ” provides a portal to the universe that highlights possible future destinations from, low Earth orbit, to the moon, to Mars and beyond;

Five 15-foot projection surfaces visually tell a realistic story of the potential of near-future space travel, from routes to various destinations, to exploring, living and working in space;

A mock up of future spacecraft concepts including the front half of a full-sized Lunar Electric Rover and other innovative new vehicles in development;
Role-model posters featuring NASA team members who perform mission-critical jobs beyond that of astronaut.
“Exploration Space is a story about potential – not just of space travel but also of each individual, and how we can contribute to future missions, ” added Bob Rogers, BRC’s founder and chief creative officer.  Rogers has served on several NASA committees advising the space program and received the NASA Public Service Medal in 2002.  

One of Florida’s most popular destinations with more than 1.5 million guests annually, The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex includes activities and tours venturing deep into NASA’s spaceport facilities, daily Astronaut Encounters, towering rockets, IMAX space films and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex also features the world’s largest collection of astronaut memorabilia, plus interactive simulators, displays, and tributes to heroes of the U.S. space program.

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