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BrushBoarding: Extreme Sports Zone Limited Gets RAF Brand Sponsership


Brushboarding reaches for the sky

An Exeter based multi-board sport and fitness product has caught the attention of the Royal Air Force which is now working in association with local company Extreme Sports Zone Limited to take the new sport BrushBoarding to a range of RAF sponsored events.

Described as a cross between surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding,  BrushBoarding is a revolutionary concept where participants ‘surf’ across a ramp of brushes rotating at variable speeds simulating surf conditions.

Inventor Kyle Dent says; “We can alter the speed depending on the skill of the rider, ultimately BrushBoarding develops balance, coordination and core strength and it can be used by anyone of any age.

“I’m delighted that the RAF is showcasing BrushBoarding at their events.  They were attracted by the combination of physical challenge, fitness development and sheer fun.  They are going to use a Brush ramp at events like the Swansea Air Show, Weymouth Beach Volleyball Festival and the Newquay Rugby Surf Sevens.

Saturday 11th – 12th July – Swansea Air Show
Friday 17th – Sunday 19th July – Newquay Surf 7’s Event in Cornwall
Friday 24th – Sunday 26th July – Weymouth Town Volleyball in Dorset

”Partnering with them gives us immense product endorsement and will help significantly as we move from a period of over three years of research and development to one of marketing, sales and growth.”

The brushboarding concept has already enjoyed a number of highly successful public exhibitions including The Outdoors Show at the Birmingham NEC and the London International Boat Show as well as appearing on Channel Five’s Gadget Show.

He said: “The product is now protected by international patents and the UK Trade & Investment is supporting an overseas marketing initiative which has attracted interest from around the world.

“There is a significant pipeline of sales and massive growth potential.  It will be attractive to many leisure, retail and tourist organisations because of its instant appeal and its environmental credentials. It is inherently safer than water based competitors, is easier to install, consumes up to 97% less power and is a fraction of the cost.”

35 year-old Australian born Kyle Dent who now lives in Exmouth added: “We are really happy about the support we are receiving from the UKTI, Business Link and other organisations.  Together we are developing a financial and marketing strategy where our main target customers will be leisure and sports related centres and even shopping malls both in the UK and overseas.

“As a company, we also have one eye on the 2012 Olympic games especially as there is a huge upsurge in the popularity of fitness, well being for the nation and waterborne sports.  We can bring the thrill of BrushBoarding anywhere and are able to provide every urban boarder with a taste of what balance, fitness and coordination is required for the real thing.”

For more information on BrushBoarding, please visit our website: 

Further information:

Kyle Dent, Extreme Sports Zone Limited: 07528 419 458
Neil Devons, Proteus Media Limited: 0771 137787

Brushboarding is a revolutionary new Multi-board sport, fitness training activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. User trials included novice and pro riders aged 3-72 years of age.
The Brush ramp is safe and environmentally friendly, and enhances key skills and fitness needed for all board sports-without needing to get wet!
Brushboarding builds core strength and fitness while improving balance and co-ordination, in an exciting and innovative way – no room for boardem!

The ramp

It takes just 3 days to complete the installation of a standard fixed ramp. Requirements are: suitable access, a level bearing platform or surface and an adequate power source.

The mobile ramp can be setup and ready to ride in just 2 Hours. Minimum requirements include suitable access, power supply and an adequate footprint to accommodate the ramp and inflatable dome.

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