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BrushBoarding is set to make HUGE splash in the attractions and sports industry.


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BrushBoarding™ has been making huge waves during its ground swell launch in the UK. The latest multi board sports attraction has proved its appeal to leisure industries and sporting bodies right across the board.

Brush Ramps can be designed and manufactured to suit just about any installation; it uses little power and has proved to have great appeal to a wide demographic in all sections of the leisure industry market. BrushBoarding is not surfing, not snow boarding or skate, it’s a new and different board sports experience that allow the riders to enhance balance, fitness and coordination which can be transferred to any of the board sports.  Our globally patterned Brush Ramps are a new and accessible very cool complementary experiential attraction to all leisure industries. A recent survey has shown that 90% of rider would say its most like surfing but without the water or the need to get wet. 

Kyle Dent, founder and creator explains: “We have now tested the market appeal of our product and are moving forward with global focus of the next milestones. Our proven events appeal have seen invitations from international events organisations like the Grand Prix, extreme sports and music festivals, international boat shows all the way through to local school sports days etc. Our newly designed mobile Brush Ramps will see the highest quality for brand association and the ease of logistically implementing the attendance to these events. Dent added, “The integration of chroma key video enhancements allows our potential global brand partners to gain greater exposure and add an additional wow factor to our new sporting attraction.

The new sport of BrushBoarding is growing from strength to strength with UK government sports and fitness bodies approving grants for local children to attend ride sessions. A spokes person from the schools sports partnership UK said “it’s great to see all ages test and develop their skills on this new very cool fitness attraction.  It is personally challenging for the riders and also a great new safe way to introduce able and disable students to board sports allowing then to get fit while having fun.”

Kyle Dent concluded, “BrushBoarding has moved to a strategic position in its soft launch to market. We are focusing on rolling out installation into theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, recreation and activity centres etc. We would welcome enquiries from additional facilities, governing bodies, event organisers and brand companies alike, interested in building our network and partnering with our portfolio of non-competitive brands. We will be working to facilitate the exciting experiential marketing events attendance allowing for the strategic growth our permanently installed Brush Ramps and overall sporting and business structure.”  

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