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Brushboarding: New sport shown to improve health and fitness


A new extreme sport invented in Exeter, has been given a major boost after experts from the Sports and Health Sciences department at the University of Exeter published a conference paper. The recent research has shown that BrushBoarding improves strength / fitness and is a great way for board-riders to brush up their skills.

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The sport was invented by Kyle Dent two years ago. The business has been focusing on testing the unique interactive attraction and associated business models. BrushBoarding involves riding a board, similar to a surfboard, on a ramp made up of rotating brushes; simulating the feeling of surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding in a safe environment.

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd UK is working with the University of Exeter through its Smart Solutions programme that awarded a voucher that enabled the research into the physical effects of regular BrushBoarding exercise to be undertaken.

The study saw eight volunteers complete a six-week programme of BrushBoarding, with key health and strength indicators measured before and after.

James Kelly MSc, who helped carry out the research at the university, said; “We found that after the six weeks the volunteers increased their performance in areas which are most likely to be important in board sport performance. This research identifies BrushBoarding as an effective way for board riders to train when there’s no waves, no snow, or it’s too wet to skateboard.”

Mr Dent said “ Having this research to back up our existing knowledge which was built into our business plan from day one will be a great help in taking our product and associated sport’s popularity to the next level. To have independent research and a published conference paper documenting that our interactive fitness attraction is not only great fun for all ages and abilities, but also has a positive impact on improving health, is a very powerful milestone for our business. It’s not just good for those wanting to improve their board sports fitness, but for anyone looking to actively engage in something enjoyable while focusing on fitness.”

“We have a new client installing a Brush Ramp into an activity centre linked to a global hotel chain and starting our search for a brand partner/s for 2012 /2013 for our newly designed HGV Brush Truck.  The demand for our interactive attraction at events has grown over the last 2 years and is set to make a huge splash in the year of the Olympics, with our experiential marketing campaigns. 

Smart solutions is a scheme set up to help businesses and individuals beat the tough economic times by setting up links between higher education and business projects.

Through the HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) Economic Challenge Investment Fund and regional Knowledge Escalator fund, the University of Exeter has run a scheme in the South West for the past two years. It has helped more than 250 projects and more than 800 students benefit from sharing knowledge, expertise and resources to get a vital head start.

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