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Bumper Cars: C. and S. srl new Product Range for 2011


C. and S. srl has produced bumper cars and related equipment since 1993.  Here is its 2011 portfolio:

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Its range of bumper cars today comprises 8 models of big cars, 6 models of medium-size cars and 5 models of mini cars. All of them are available in antenna or floor pick-up version. On request special themed bumper cars are also produced.

Product range

Bumper cars full size (adult)

A wide range of eight models, two of which (Fuoco and Brio) equipped with exclusive "damping" chassis. Top of the line Brio also features a full LED lighting system driven by a programmable electronic controller. Other models, featuring regular chassis, are: Zefiro, Breeze, Vento , Flamingo, Catherine and Josephine.

Bumper cars medium size (midi)

A line of six models of medium-size bumper cars paticularly suitable for FEC offering very good capacity and flexibility on limited areas. Models: Mistral, LadyBug, MidiOnda, OldTimer, GT-F and GT-L.

Bumper cars little size (mini)

Five models of small bumper cars for children with attractive shapes and colors. Like all C. and S.  cars, these too are available in antenna or floor pick-up version. Models: MiniBrio, Nuvola, Onda, Sport and Maggiolino.

Tracks for bumper cars

Custom made tracks for indoor operation of bumper cars floor pick-up type of any size, big, medium or little. They can be complemented with railings, turnstiles, decorative lights, operators booth,   and so on.

El Dorado Train

Designed for amusement parks, El Dorado tracked train can carry up to 120 passengers on its roofed coaches themed in Old West style. Powered by a diesel-hydraulic drive unit, it’s equipped with pneumatic doors and PA audio system; accomodation for wheelchairs available on request.

Dark ride vehicles and tracks

Two models of vehicle, 2 and 4 passengers, offered in standard "mine wagon" theme or according to custom’s design. An example of this are “biplane” vehicles recently supplied to an amusement park in Indonesia.  
Panoramic tour "Las Llamas"

Electric powered vehicles shaped as andine Llamas move along a double pipe rail; each Llama carries 1 adult + 1 child and rocks smoothly.

About C. and S. srl

Established in 1993, C. and S. srl has been producing high quality bumper cars for almsot 20 years and has since steadily widened its range of products and increased its presence on the market. Bumper cars remains the core business of C. and S., which  supplies them not only to amusement parks but to travelling showman across Europe, with a significant presence in Southern Spain and, of course, Italy.

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