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Climate partnership between DONG and Tivoli


The world’s first amusement park on wind energy

Tivoli will be the world’s first amusement park to run on renewable energy. With this objective, Tivoli and DONG Energy are now entering into an ambitious climate partnership. The goal is to reduce Tivoli’s energy consumption and to ensure that the energy consumed by Tivoli is covered by CO2-neutral production facilities.

Tivoli gets its own wind turbine

Tivoli’s energy consumption is to be based on wind energy from 2010, and with the climate agreement, Tivoli occupies one of the three new wind turbines at the Avedøre Power Station, thus boosting the wind energy influx on the market. Tivoli’s wind turbine will form part of a ground-breaking project at Avedøre Holme where three brand new wind turbines enable DONG Energy to test and demonstrate new technology. ”In future, we will see energy production from a high-efficiency multi-fuel power plant side by side with renewable energy in its best form. The Avedøre Power Plant and the three turbines, including one bearing the Tivoli brand will thus provide a significant Danish landmark for the Copenhagen Climate Summit next autumn, ” says Lars Clausen, Executive Vice President, DONG Energy.


”As one of Denmark’s strongest brands we have a responsibility for the world we live in. That is why we have been working with environmental initiatives for many years, and this is the climax of our efforts so far. We hope to be able to inspire others to follow the climate track, but also to help put Denmark on the world map through an innovative approach to the climate challenge. To have the world’s first amusement park based on wind energy is something to be proud of after all, ” says Lars Liebst, managing director of Tivoli.

In addition to specific energy reduction and wind energy measures, the climate partnership aims to raise awareness of climate initiatives in the rest of Denmark. As a result, a number of communication initiatives will be launched in the coming years in addition to a joint annual branding campaign that may inspire others to take similar action.The parties plan to start their collaboration soon after the turn of the year 08/09. One of the first tasks will be to find and implement energy savings in buildings and on lighting and rides. 

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