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Debit Card Systems: Loyalty Programs, a required feature of every FEC with Coin Tech


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In a recent conversation with the CEO of a Chilean FEC chain, Happyland, the word Loyalty was repeatedly mentioned and had a special meaning for the company. Despite of the global crisis, the incomes of this mayor FEC operator has not fallen down; and they are truly convinced that one of the main reasons of their success, is due to their customer loyalty strategy.

“Happy customers come back; loyal customers bring their friends with them”. These words explain what Loyalty is about, and Coin Tech knows the true meaning of it. Game System’s Loyalty Module has been improved in order to offer a wide variety of options to leave FEC guests more than happy. In the particular case of Happyland, they have implemented a VIP card that is given to guests when a certain amount of money has been spent at the FEC, and then they can enjoy the privileges of bonus, discounts, and prizes, among others.

In addition to this, Game System’s Loyalty Module is also integrated with CRM programs, like Sugar CRM®, which allows operators to have their guests personalized in all the locations, so that the guest enjoys the benefits of being VIP in every location of the chain, providing them with the best customer service ever!

Coin Tech Debit Card System is definitely what every FEC operator needs.


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