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Elated Worldwide group concept master plan to develop and build First Amusement Park in Cozumel, Mex


Mayan Adventure Land, Will be build on 60 archers of land inside the top tourist destination in Mexico. The conceptual master plan is being developed, and looking toward breaking ground in 2009

The first phase of the project is expected to be ready in 2010 with its fist operational water park.

With an estimated 4 thrill rides 5 family rides, including local theme rides newly developed, the master plan for Mayan Adventures incorporates design elements as well as other components such as retail and food outlets. DKY Architects will break ground for the project in 2009.

Additionally, Elated Worldwide Group will decrease unemployment and open up more international corporate sponsorship opportunities for the area.

Thomas Ford, President/ CEO Elated Worldwide, said: ‘We are looking forward to this project. It has been a long time coming and we are ready to put our plans to action.

DKY Architects and Elated Worldwide also will work together to integrate their expertise to create new concepts across in the area, such as, branded restaurants, hotels and retail outlets that will holistically offer unique travel and vacation opportunities for tourists, families and visitors worldwide.

Alexander Even, Executive Consultant of Strategic Development for Elated, said: ‘We are very excited about concept masterplan that will facilitate other works to commence. The project will be one of the key additions to Cozumel tourism.

Elated Worldwide Group Corp. Will act aggressively to insure Mexico’s  place in the would market for tourism, while keeping with the tradition of the area. Our focus will be on the future of operating at a competitively with other world top tourist destinations and insure its rich history is put in the four front of every aspect of this project.

About Elated Worldwide 

Elated Worldwide Corporation is a privately held company, founded to offer investors, governments and consumers reliable, high-quality and cost-effective vacation experiences through various entertainment and leisure opportunities. The company has established an extensive staff, partner and consultant network to design, build and manage entertainment and vacation properties. It is the company’s objective to promote the tourist trade and entertainment industry by providing an unsurpassed user experience by delivering high value, cost effective entertainment and vacation packages. Learn more about Elated Worldwide at


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