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Family Attractions: Travel by land and sea has never looked so good – Aston Martins meet the historic pride of fleet


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On Sunday 16th May, the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) will celebrate their 75th Anniversary with a special visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 

More than 100 cars will be parking up amongst the iconic attractions of the Historic Dockyard, including HMS Victory and HMS Warrior 1860. The star Aston attractions will be the oldest existing Aston (A3), displayed alongside the newest model the “Rapide”, which will be driving in to meet its predecessors on the morning of the event.

The Aston A3 is the oldest in existence and an important part of Aston history, being only the fourth ever made, in 1921. Whilst, the Aston Rapide is arguably the world’s most elegant four-door sports car and described by Jeremy Clarkson to be like “dropping into designer heaven.”

This is a repeat visit from the Club who recognised their Diamond Anniversary with a trip to the Historic Dockyard, gathering of over 100 cars and 250 people. Now, 15 years on they are looking forward to discovering the newer attractions and exhibits on the site.

The members’ day will be packed with opportunities to enjoy the many naval attractions, all scheduled around refreshments and a luncheon for up to 250 members, followed by an after dinner talk by Stuart Turner. Stuart is well known in the motoring world as a writer and raconteur, he has also competed as co-driver on most major international rallies and under his leadership guided Ford to take both World and European Championships.

Visitors to the Historic Dockyard can enjoy the vehicles, old and new and meet the drivers and members of the club who are happy to answers any questions. One thing for certain is that the Aston Martins will be a spectacular sight as they drive through the iconic Victory Gate!

For further information on the Aston Martin Owners Club, please visit

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