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FEC’s: SimWorld Entertainment has opened his doors recently and, as many others, has chosen Game System as its management system.


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SimWorld Entertainment is a "World class simulation arcade", the first of its kind in Australia, with full motion-platforms that simulate the effect of racing a V8 racing car around world renowned circuits like LeMans, Nürburgring and Australia’s famous Bathurst racetrack.

"Drivers" strap themselves into a racing seat and control a steering wheel, pedals and gears (manual or auto) in front of a 42" LED screen with surround sound. The co-ordinated movement of the platform with vision on the screen immerses you into thinking that you are actually racing around the track.

SimWorld Entertainment is raising the level of arcade experiences and is not a traditional arcade operation (  Game System has proved to be the better option thanks to its versatility and customization options and future expansion utilizing the Xperience card readers .

The SimWorld management team has been impressed with the overall system and technical support demonstrating that the Game System is a true global product suitable for all applications.

From big companies with many FECs dispersed in the world, to middle sized entrepreneurs, Game System covers them all.

Do not hesitate and visit to know more.


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