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Feel the Thrill of the Chase in a 4-D Ferrari Fantasy Filled With Icy Mountains and Fiery Volcanoes


Fearless explorers from across the region are diving into the realm of fantasy – racing across 4-D dreamscapes in hot pursuit of a Ferrari – on one of the most popular rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

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Speed of Magic is a state-of-the-art attraction offering guests a chance to go where no Ferrari has gone before, chasing the mischievous cartoon character Nello, who has just stolen the keys to a Ferrari.

Guests are whisked away on a moving simulator that is perfectly synchronized with every dash, dip, swerve and leap of the Ferrari onscreen, accompanied by blasts of hot air and moisture and flashes of light that heighten the sense that the rider is truly taking part in the chase.

“You can leave the real world behind with a totally immersive experience on board Speed of Magic, ” said Andy Keeling, Park Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. “This attraction really brings out the child in you and can be shared with every member of the family. It’s the ultimate combination of thrills and technology.”

Wayne Meadows, Director of Maintenance, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, added:  “The ride is based on 4-D technology. So you have 3-D vision, but you also have movement. Essentially it’s a simulator that allows the rider to move along all three axes while also moving forward along the ride track, which creates the feeling of being self-propelled. To me it’s one of the most technologically complex rides we have.”

Strap on the 3-D glasses and fly along crumbling cliffs, into the jungle, through icy caves and to the bottom of the ocean – with real-life extremes in temperature, moisture, light and movement whereby your senses are teased in an interactive journey through a thrilling fantasy world.

But will you ever catch up with Nello and win back the keys to the Ferrari? Guess that’s something you will have to find out for yourself the next time you visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Speed of Magic is one of 20 exciting rides and attractions at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that offer guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the passion and history of one of the world’s most revered brands. With attractions designed to provide memorable experiences for the whole family, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has staked its claim to the title of the premier family entertainment centre in the Arab world.

The attraction has recently been enhanced to dramatically increase the number of colours on screen, bringing the Ferrari story to life even more vividly.

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