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GestureTek Launches New ‘Plug and Play’ Interactive Projection System, Multi-Touch Table and 3D Tracker at IAAPA Attractions Expo


GestureTek Inc., the pioneer and patent-holder in camera-enabled gesture-driven interfaces for interactive displays, today announced its newest interactive solution for entertainment and branding, The Cube(TM). The Cube, along with GestureTek’s multi-touch and 3D depth sensing innovations, will be showcased at the IAAPA Expo (International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions). These products will be highlighted on November 18th-21st at Booth 3006 at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida. 

The Cube Brings Turnkey Gesture-Based Display Interactivity To Any Venue

The Cube is a turnkey, ‘plug and play’ interactive display unit that transforms any space of any size into a gesture-based interactive entertainment and advertising experience. Just put The Cube on the floor or a table, or against a wall, and it instantly creates an engaging 3 x 4 foot interactive display that visitors can control with simple motions. Well- suited for small spaces and for traveling promotions, The Cube gives customers access to GestureTek’s full library of over 70 eye-catching special effects and games. Applications can be projected onto any surface, immediately transforming the surface into an interactive entertainment medium for the enjoyment of visitors. 

"Advertisers, audio-visual integrators and exhibit builders were asking us for a durable, cost effective, turnkey alternative to our GestureFX component system, " said Vincent John Vincent, President of GestureTek Inc. "The Cube can be placed anywhere, is easy to install by non-technical people and requires no special configuration." 

More on The Cube at 

GestureTek’s Newest Multi-Touch Table And Gaming Platform To Be Showcased At IAAPA 

Another interactive innovation on display at the GestureTek Booth is the company’s award-winning Illuminate Multi-Touch surface computing table, which is currently being used by clients around the world, including NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. GestureTek and its partner Inhance Digital Corporation delivered the NASA multi-touch gaming solution, allowing visitors to collaboratively build a Lunar Outpost. 

"Multi-touch is today’s hot technology, " said Vincent. "It opens up a world of new possibilities for multi-user, multi-player and collaborative interactive experiences, not only for gaming and entertainment, but also for practical uses such as wayfinding, retail promotion and file navigation." 

Interactive Attraction for Beijing Olympics Powered by GestureTek’s 3D Tracking Technology 

GestureTek’s latest innovation in 3D hand tracking technology, the B.C. Explorer interactive display, will also be highlighted at GestureTek’s IAAPA booth.
The B.C. Explorer is an interactive exhibit with 3D depth sensing capability, providing an authentic experience, simulating flying, that visitors can control through hand gestures. The B.C. Explorer, led by next- generation technology innovator Xpletive and powered by GestureTek’s hand tracking software, was used at the Beijing Olympic Games to promote the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. People experience the thrill of flying over the province of B.C. and exploring points of interest, with no need to use a touch screen, remote control or any other peripheral device. The user’s hand motion controls the flight simulation experience. 

"Other exciting applications coming from GestureTek’s 3D tracking technology include full-body 3D avatar representation and control, and immersive experiences where users see their real-time video images as they interact in a 3D virtual world, " said Vincent.
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About GestureTek 

GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture- recognition for information, presentation and entertainment systems. The company’s revolutionary video gesture control software lets users control interactive content, access information, manipulate special effects, or immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual, world by moving their hands or body. In the past 20 years, GestureTek has delivered 4, 000 interactive displays, kiosks, exhibits, games and other interactive solutions for museums, science centers, location-based entertainment facilities, retail stores, tourism and hospitality venues, real estate presentation centers, corporate boardrooms and showrooms, television networks and game developers. Clients include CNN, BMW, Ford, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Federal Express, Autodesk and Panasonic. Software and patent licensees include Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro and NTT DoCoMo. GestureTek is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Asia. Visit or call (800) 315-1189.

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