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Halloween Fun and Giant Pumpkins Halloween in Tivoli 2010


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In 2006, Tivoli set out to create the standard for Halloween celebrations in Denmark. With the fifth Halloween celebration at Tivoli coming up, this goal has been reached. Halloween in Tivoli (and in Denmark) is dominated, of course, by pumpkins, but also by traditional harvest paraphernalia, since we have moved the festival to coincide with the traditional autumn break in the Danish schools. Halloween in Tivoli 2010: 15 – 24 October.

Halloween atmosphere

The Gardens will be decorated with pumpkins, scarecrows and all the other trimmings required for creating the right Halloween atmosphere for the whole family.

Tivoli’s Halloween is based on the “horrific fun” principle, so even the youngest children can participate. Every day you can meet Tivoli’s witches and heroes (Petzi, Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine) on the Halloween Square by the Open Air Stage where the big mill is located and see them march through Tivoli with the Pumpkin Band (the Tivoli Boys Guard). At the square it will be possible to carve your own jack-o-lantern and buy sundry goodies. Tivoli’s rides will all be running.

Circus of witches

The Magic Show featuring Tivoli’s witches is a programme event on the Open Air Stage, where their dance show is also staged.

The Danish Championships for Giant Pumpkins will take place at Tivoli on Saturday 16 October. A bunch of competitors will arrive on the day with their largest pumpkin to see who wins the price.

Children (max. 12 years) who feel like coming dressed up in a Halloween costume can also participate in a contest to find the day’s funniest, best and wildest costume.

Even more creepy after 5 pm

During Halloween the old wooden Rollercoaster from 1914 with all its tunnels and high hills will be turned into The Rollercoaster by Night. For the first time in Tivoli, there is going to be a rollercoaster ride which has staff with masks and costumes, surprising thrills, a smoky tunnel and scary noises- all this after 5 pm. Then the more delicate souls can still during the day take a normal ride without the special effects. So if you are a daredevil, take a ride on The Rollercoaster by Night after 5 pm.

Pierrot the Vampire

The Pantomime Theatre is this year being taken over by the breakdance performance “Pierrot the Vampire”, which got great reviews at the premiere in 2008. The story is a thriller about the bloodthirsty Pierrot, the hidebound Kassander, and Columbine’s admirer and with lots of spectacular scenes.  The performance is a little scarier than usually on the Pantomime Theatre, but in a humoristic way. The dramatist and instructor Steen Koerner has been battling with the biggest talents in break dance and won competitions in for example New York, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. Steen Koerner started during theatrical performances in 1996, where his debut toke the French le Montre and le Figaro by storm.

There will also be 50 trade stalls around the Gardens with specialties, small dishes and lots of Halloween-stuff. This year Tivoli has got almost 16.000 pumpkins, which will be covering the Garden. Last year 275.000 guests visited Halloween in Tivoli.

The entire programme of events for Halloween in Tivoli will be ready from Monday 27 September at

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