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Hot Games Show 2008


Your best stop for new products in Asia!

Organized by A.G.I.S Magazine and the Taiwan Federation of Amusement Parks, Hot Games Show 2008, was held at the Kaohsiung exhibition center from 31st of October to the 2nd of November.

With the support of a number of companies in Taiwan, there were fifty exhibitors at HGS 2008. Among the exhibitors, 40% of the companies were exhibiting at HGS for the first time. Moreover, 60% of exhibitors displayed AWPs, with the remainder displaying a vast array of cabinets, parts and components, and amusement machines.

AWP is King of the Exhibition

This year, we could easily find that most of the exhibitors displayed AWPs, especially multiple-player gambling machines using robotic hands. Other AWPs included double-screen AWPs, Mario machines, and pinball machines. 

Gold Brick Entertainment Co., Ltd and Gold Diamond Leisure Technology Co., Ltd., representative companies of JUMBO Technology Co., Ltd., displayed ROBOT Baccarat, Genetic Sic-Bo, Genetic Roulette, and slot machines. Among these machines, “Genetic Sic-Bo” has been certified by the GLI, and has been sold to many famous casinos, including the Golden Sands, Grand Lisboa, and The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.

Lu-Hao Technology Co., Ltd. displayed a new single Baccarat machine. The company indicated that most Baccarat machines are large and occupy much space, and thus they had produced this machine to specifically target space issues. The final design of the game and cabinet has yet to be determined. It will officially go on sale after HGS 2008.

Le Chi Hwa Electron Co., Ltd exhibited a multiple-player Black Jack and their most popular product, a 2 meter hopper. The design of the hopper is specific to their coin pusher machine known as Rave Party. The company stressed that this hopper had an upright delivery track which is designed to prevent coin jamming. 

Song Yung Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. not only presented AWPs and Mario games, but showed an automatic photo printing machine called Photo Kiosk. The user just inserts the SD memory card and chooses the photo they want to print out, and the machine will print out the photo within 7 seconds.

Amusement machines: Fun and Novel

Many amusement machine manufacturers displayed their new products this year. Mega Net & Tech Co. Ltd. displayed a unique linked arcade game, Parse Rorunpe. The players sit in a specially-made broomstick seat and then touch the touch-screen. They then follow the sparkling magic symbol and draw it.

The character then uses a curse to attack the other players. 

Feng Yung Cheng Co. Ltd. presented a kiddie shooting machine, Cannon Strike. There are four levels to this game. The doll in the machine will move differently in each level. The players need to shoot the ball into the mouth of the doll to score points. The more points they get, the more tickets they win.

This machine has been marketed to a number of countries, including Greece, Italy, Spain, and Dubai. Moreover, the company showed a kiddy ride called “Funny Turtle Car.” A monitor is installed in the front seat. Through the monitor, children can be taught how to drive safely on the road. Since it is very educational, it has been exported to the US, Russia, Thailand, the UK, and Mexico.

A Korean company, L.J.Soft Co., Ltd., demonstrated an indoor golf machine called Family Golf. As the weather is unpredictable and playing golf outdoors is expensive, the company produced this machine. There are fifty courses available in this game, with more being added continually. L.J.Soft pointed out that they have exported over two hundred to Japan this year, and these machines have been installed across Korea.

Novel Designs of Components and Cabinets 

By comparison with the previous year’s show, more manufacturers presented parts and components. Further, the design of Taiwan-made parts and components is becoming increasingly creative.

ICT Corporation demonstrated their new bill acceptor, New J830. As it is made out of plastic, it is lighter than most other acceptors. Moreover, user can update the firmware of the acceptor using a PC. A self-adjusting capability allows the acceptor to adjust the position of the bill.

Wee Chin Electric Machinery Inc. displayed a Cupid top lighter. With its lovely wing shape, it caught the eye of many visitors. It has been marketed across Europe. The company also exhibited a rotating top lighter. 

The exhibition organizers set up a “game zone” for visitors this year. There were several kinds of machines in the game zone, including a dancing machine, the “DDR Super NOVA, ” a video hitting game “Manic Panic Ghost, ” crane machines, and basketball machines. During the exhibition, crowds always gathered in the game zone to line up to play. The game zone also increased the intention of potential purchasers to order these machines. 

Hot Games Show 2008 took place in Kaohsiung for the first time. The show not only acted as a platform to enable operators to get to know one another, but also to enable participants to better acquaint themselves with Kaohsiung city. During the exhibition, Hot Games worked hard to make every detail perfect. We deeply appreciate and accept the feedback our visitors were kind enough to offer us. Next year we will present you with a brand new exhibition. Hope you will be there with us!

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