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IE Park/Soli Bumper Cars Delivers New Vehicles/Tracks to Two Prestigious Asian Parks


Italian ride manufacturer IE Park/SOLI Bumper Cars has delivered brand new bumper cars and tracks to two of the largest and most popular theme parks in Asia.

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Ocean Park, in Hong Kong, and Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea, recently took delivery of new bumper car tracks and, in the case of Ocean Park, new cars from the Italian company, which specialises in a wide range of vehicles in a variety of sizes through its SOLI Bumper Cars division. These include junior models, mid-size, adult and a newly added model size, the Maxxi, which can accommodate two adults.

At Ocean Park, a total of 27 cars were supplied, these being the new, redesigned ‘1936’ floor pick-up model, featuring a specially designed head restraint which is higher than on the standard model, as well as new, larger and more comfortable polyurethane seats.  This model now also comes with three point safety belts, polyurethane trim on the dashboard and is available with different options for lights and headrests.

All the vehicles are painted in a metallic finish, as per the client’s request, and IE Park/SOLI Bumper Cars also supplied the track which measures approximately 22m x 13m. This has a central aisle around which the vehicles are driven, in addition to a hinged opening section in one corner to allow for the maintenance of the cars just off the main operating area.

Commenting on the installation, Ocean Park’s Chief Executive Tom Mehrmann said: "The Bumper Blasters bumper cars provide a more traditional attraction for the Thrill Mountain zone but one that is still very popular with all ages.The IE Park/SOLI Bumper Cars ride has proven to be an important part of the overall mix of attractions provided in this exciting, fun-packed new area.".

The project at Lotte World has seen IE Park/SOLI Bumper Cars supply a new track on which an existing fleet of 15 of the company’s adult ‘Charlie’ cars currently operates. These floor pick-up models, which also feature a specially designed, higher head restraint, were originally supplied in 2007 and have now been provided with a new track measuring approximately 30m x 10m following the park’s decision to move the attraction to a different location.

The attraction continues to be very popular at Lotte World where Kang Incheol, head of the park’s maintenance department, highlighted several benefits of the new track, including a simple electrical system, fewer cables and no requirement for foundations or anchor bolts (particularly advantageous to an indoor operation like Lotte World), all of which resulted in a quick and easy installation.

Both attractions opened at the end of 2011 and are enjoying much success, as IE Park/SOLI Bumper Cars sales director Andrea Munari explained.

“We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with both Ocean Park and Lotte World on these two important projects. We have enjoyed much success over the years around the world with our range of bumper cars and tracks and these two installations show once again how popular such attractions are for all ages. I’m sure they will be a great success at Ocean Park and will continue to be so at Lotte World in their new location.”

For more information please contact:

Andrea Munari, I.E.Park srl, via Don P. Borghi, 3, 42043 Praticello di Gattatico, (Reggio Emilia), Italy.

or visit the company’s website at


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