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Is Futuroscope about ready to change hands?


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Futuroscope has grown strongly over the last few years (+500, 000 visitors in 5 years)

Over the last season, Futuroscope welecomed over 1.7million visitors for a net euro result of 8 million. Futuroscope also has had a very strong start to this season.

To strengthen further still this progression, the President of the Conseil General will be proposing to his elected colleagues at the next assembly that they think about a new way of operating the Park whilst still keeping the majority of the capital in the public domaine yet associating themselves with a recognised professional company that could further develop the Park and the 'technopole' in the future. Consequently the Conseil General would like to look at a plan of action that would include a partnership with the Caisse des Depots which is already the second largest shareholder in the Park and other local businesses.The Conseil General will maintain its decision making role in Futuroscope, it will keep a key position and will remain the owner of the land and the buildings.

This will also be a response to the land reforms that are currently being debated that will make it very clear what the department can and can't do.


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