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Kraftwerk Living Technologies presents its new generation of theatre seats


Kraftwerk Living Technologies’ 4D Theatre allows visitors to experience movies as if they are part of the on screen action! Added to the already established 3D High-Definition video projection, the viewers will be surprised by entering the 4th dimension with this newest generation of Motion Seats.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies' new 5D theatre is the further development designed to make the 4D theatre experience even more intense. With the new state of the art mini-motion base underneath Kraftwerk Living Technologies' high quality 4D seats, the guests will be captured even more.

These newly created seats allow the clients to experience an even more diverse spectrum of motion capabilities. The seat moves in all directions with variable degrees of speed ranging from very soft to hard. Or could you imagine floating in space while receiving only hard knocks given by standard 4D seats from other manufacturers?

This enables Kraftwerk Living Technologies to fine tune its motion programming even better to the features action. The movie’s motion programming is even more precise with these new seats.

Another advantage is the new motion base design. In the future it will not be necessary to install the motion bases below the surface thus allowing for a more simplified assembly. Kraftwerk Living Technologies is taking the formidable experience to the next level, but at the same affordable price of a standard 4D seat.

With the help of processor controlled manoeuvrability, effects like acceleration, collisions or deep drops can be simulated convincingly without risking the physical well being of the visitors. Interacting with the 3D projection an illusion will be created successfully blurring the borders between reality and on screen action. In addition the seats can be equipped with air-, water- or scent nozzles. Bugs crawl around the visitors legs, spiders may be lowered from the theatre’s ceiling and the airflow created by a gigantic dragon flapping his mighty wings can be felt blowing through the rows of seats.

The first installation of the new 5D seats has already been finalized. AIDAbella, the second cruise liner of the new AIDA generation is equipped with the worldwide first 5D theatre (“Cinemare”) on board. AIDAbella will set sail from May 2008.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH
Maria-Theresia-Straße 49
A-4600 Wels, Austria
phone: +43-7242-69269-0

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