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Legoland Windsor selects Lo-Q to reduce physical waiting time


Lo-Q plc, a leading supplier of virtual queuing systems to theme parks, announced today that it has reached agreement with Lego Windsor Park Ltd (Legoland) for the use of its VQ2020 queue management system.

VQ2020 was launched last year by Lo-Q and is its flagship product.  The system provides theme park visitors with a Q-bot, a hand held, wireless device which allows them to enjoy the benefit of making reservations for their favourite rides from anywhere within the park.  Once a ride is reserved, the visitor is placed in a virtual queue thereby avoiding physical waiting time.  Just like everyone standing in the actual queue, users of the new system wait for their turn to come around, however they are free to enjoy the grounds to see other attractions and spend money in gift shops or on refreshments. 

Legoland is part of the Merlin Entertainments Group Limited, the world’s number two visitor attraction operator with 51 attractions in 12 countries, across Europe, North America and Asia.  Lo-Q’s early experiments and trials were carried out at Thorpe Park also owned by Merlin.  In addition, Lo-Q Text-Q is currently in use at the London Dungeon and other Merlin venues. 

Vicky Brown, General Manager of Legoland said, ” The new system allows park visitors to avoid physically waiting in the queue for our major rides.  Our park is aimed at the under 12 age group and they will especially enjoy having “Q-bot” wait in the queue for them.  The Q-bot is a key part of our objective to give visitors an even more enjoyable experience.”

Lo-Q’s Managing Director, Leonard Sim added, “VQ2020 and Q-bot enables a true virtual queuing system to be introduced which means that all visitors still wait the same length of time for the ride – just that those with a Q-bot do not have to physically stand in line.  It is therefore a much fairer method of avoiding lengthy queues and is easy to implement.” 

The two year extendable agreement provides for the operation of the Lo-Q system by Legoland from 15 March 2008.  Leonard Sim concluded, “Lo-Q’s products have been widely used in US for several years so it is really exciting for us to have one of our systems operating in a high profile UK theme park.  VQ2020 was introduced during 2006 to capitalise on Lo-Q’s extensive operational experience and in-house development capabilities.   We are particularly pleased to be working with Legoland.  We know the system will be well received by visitors and we look forward to a successful season.”

About Lo-Q plc

Lo-Q plc was founded in August 2000 and its technology is currently in use by eight Six Flags theme parks in the USA.  Lo-Q gets people out of queue lines so they can spend time waiting for their ride enjoyably in restaurants, shops, playing games or just relaxing.  The Q-bot,   a proprietary, hand held, wireless unit, does not create a “jump to the front of the line” problem for parks to manage because everyone still waits the same length of time but those with a Q-bot are free to enjoy the rest of the theme park until it is their time to get on the ride. 

VQ2020 was launched in Autumn 2006 for easy visitor use and to provide dramatically simplified installation.  VQ2020 is already running in three North American theme parks.  Summer 2007 saw the two-millionth user of a Lo-Q system and the total visitor count will pass 3, 000, 000 in 2008.

 Lo-Q has extensive patent protection and owns the intellectual property rights in the system, its software and electronic design.

For further information visit or contact:
Leonard Sim
Managing Director
Lo-Q plc
T: 01491 577210  E:
Mary Phillips/Andreina West
PR Artistry Limited
T: 01491 639500  E:

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