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Lots of “Happy Surprise!” in Universal Studios Japan® in its 10th Anniversary year!


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There are 10 surprising performances including new show attraction featuring Sesame Street™ friends and 10 styles of the trick artwork will be launched.

It is the first ever in the world! Collaboration merchandise featuring the popular characters will be available.

Special deal tickets such as “Spring twilight Pass” “Twilight & Day pass” will be available. 

Universal Studios Japan is reaching its 10th anniversary in March. And we are honored to announce the 10th anniversary commemorative programs themed “The happiest surprise ever in its park history!”

10th anniversary special show “Dreams Are Universal” 

Dreams Are Universal is the that will be held at the special stage of 50 meter width with the giant globe (13 meters high) in its center located in Gramacy park in New York area. This show is indoor musical show which is the largest ever in its park history featuring the popular characters and over 100 entertainers. Nakamura family who are the main casts of this show visit the park to celebrate their son’s birthday. It is heartwarming story where the dreams each of the members have respectively will come true while they spend their day in the park. You the audience will feel how wonderful the power of dream and wish as well as the family love and bond. Its show set was designed by Steve Bass who did the production design of the academy award this year. This show will be held from March 3rd this year to January 9th 2012. Twice a day

10 kinds of Happy Surprising performances!

There will be 10 different surprising performances allover the park. You the guests will be surprised at for example the 4.5 meters high and 2 meters high genuine like dinosaurs in Jurassic Park called “Dinosaur Walk”. Or you may be enveloped with the giant bubble which is Maintenance Crew Surprise”. Also, in the new indoor show attraction featuring Sesame Street™ characters “Sesame Street™ Happy Surprise”, guests will learn the dance to USJ 10th anniversary song produced by GreeeeN “GOOD LUCKY!!!!!” and surprise Elmo and other characters during the show. Moreover, you will meet the new friend from Sesame Street™ who exists only in Universal Studios Japan which is another special surprise. In the show ”Hello Kitty Anniversary Concert -Dancing forever-”, Hello Kitty holds her concert to celebrate 10th anniversary. Let’s check out her special outfits. 

10 kinds of Trick art!

During 10th anniversary year, there will be 10 kinds of trick art where you can enjoy the illusion, will be surprised and another surprise will happen when photo taken. The world famous artists Kurt Wenner and John Pugh are joining these projects.Taking some example, “SNOOPY ROAD” is the art you can take photo with Snoopy and Peanut gang crossing the cross walk. "Woody & Chilly stairs" is the artwork you can take photo of Woody and Chilly walking up stairs although it is wall. What will happen with the “Elmo and Snoopy Swirl illusion” artwork when you watch it after staring at the swirl sign. 

Let’s make a wish come true at Sesame Street™ Dream Factory! 

Sesame Street™ Dream Factory will open at the palace theater which is located close the stage 14 where the new show attraction "Sesame Street™ happy Surprises".Sesame Street™ characters will be an active in order to make the dreams of the children come true. You will get the charm in a capsule filled with your dream/wish and it may come true if you keep such charm with you all the time. 
The first ever in the world Collaboration merchandise featuring the popular characters will be available exclusively in the park

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, USJ realized such very special character collaborated merchandise featuring Elmo, Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Pink Panther. It is the first ever in the world to contain these 4 popular characters in a product and you will find variety of such special goods during limited period of time. Such special collaboration goods will be available at "Characters 4U – Collaboration shop" which is whole re-designed shop in Hollywood area.

Also, over 200 kinds of 10th anniversary commemorative limited products such as commemorative plate, 24K gold necklace, 10th anniversary special plush hat will be available at 10th anniversary Souvenir in New York area. These two new stores will open on February 28.  

Let’s enjoy the park in its 10th anniversary year efficiently and with good deal! 

In order to let you enjoy the park filled with Happy Surprises, we are providing variety of tickets. For those who live near the park and want to enjoy the park with limited time, “Spring Twilights Pass” that let you enter the park after 3:00 pm (4500 JPY for adult and 3300 JPY for kids) may be the choice. For those who live away from the park and spend as much as time in the park, 1 and 1/2 day pass or 2 day pass with some special deals with as shopping coupon and meal coupon etc. can be the choice.

Also, Universal Studio Tour which is the park tour with the special guide crew will be renew for 10th anniversary from March 1st. You can enjoy the 10th anniversary special show Dreams Are Universal in the special seat with this tour. (5500 JPY per person + studio pass)
Details about such special deal pass. 

Let USJ 10th anniversary celebration outside the park! Sesame Street™ characters will be in your town from the park! 

USJ will hold the caravan event “Universal Studios Japan presents close in Kids! Dance Dance Dance” featuring the popular characters Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street™ from March 26th to July 17th visiting 12 cities and 17 locations. In this caravan event, part of the new show attraction “Sesame Street™ Happy Surprise” will be presented. Kids who join this caravan event can learn the dance with the characters to the 10th anniversary theme song “GOOD LUCKY!!!!!” The details and updates will be available on USJ official website.

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