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Magiquest Japan Opening an Instant Success in Japan


MagiQuest™, a live-action interactive game that immerses players into a world of fantasy propelled by sophisticated technology, debuted internationally to enthusiastic crowds March 20th, 2008 at Lagunasia theme park, located in the Laguna Gamagori Resort in central Japan.

 “MagiQuest in Japan is an overwhelming instant success and exceeded our expectations. This proves the MagiQuest theme park model as a strong enhancement to a park, just as we envisioned, ” said Denise Weston, co-founder of Creative Kingdoms. “The guests waited in long lines to be a part of our magic and consumed in the attraction for hours.”

“Just like our locations in the United States our magic crossed cultures as everyone got into the game—kids, parents, teens and even grandparents!”

The opening of the Japan location saw players returning two and three times in the same day.  Based on the fact it is an additional pay to play at MagiQuest™, Lagunasia, it was very confirming to see that although the guests paid admission to enter the park—they were more then willing to pay more for a valuable experience.  Guests loved buying and dressing their wands. They would carry them around like trophies creating a buzz among other park guests.

The entire experience was also spoken in Japanese creating a nice connection with the guests and making the Magic spread across the world.

Each player buys and adorns a magic wand that triggers over 150 special effects.  Guests use the wand as a wireless controller and become engaged in hours, days and years of quests and adventures by having them step into a real life video game that tracks your every move and remembers your forever in a global database.  Players, known as Magi, can use their wands and continue their gaming journeys at all MagiQuest locations.  It is truly interactive and brings family members, kids, adults, teens and even grandparents together to create magic and memories.

“Lagunasia opened in 2002 and represents a new style of amusement park in Japan, ” said Mr. Kazuhiko Kokubo, representative of the park.  “The success of MagiQuest™ was very appealing to Lagunasia because it fits with the other interactive attractions visitors experience here.  This will be the first time MagiQuest™ has been introduced to the people of Japan, and we expect this attraction to increase attendance significantly at Lagunasia.”
About Creative Kingdoms LLC
Creative Kingdoms is the owner and creator of MagiQuest which was co-founded in 1999 by Denise Weston and Rick Briggs.  Creative Kingdoms’ goal is to intertwine fantasy and reality with the most alluring elements of magic, imagination, hands on experiences, fun, storytelling and gaming into one seamless experience.

Creative Kingdoms’ patented technology, Slynks, brings a unique gaming experience to people around the world. Through Slynks, objects animate, wands perform their magic!  It enables us to connect theme park experiences with the home, internet and video games.

These innovations and attractions have garnered Creative Kingdoms some of the amusement industry’s most coveted awards from THEA and IAAPA.

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