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MagiQuest Live Game Opens at Tokyo Dome to Large Crowds


MagiQuest, a live-action interactive game that immerses players into a world of fantasy powered by sophisticated technology announced the opening of its newest location in Tokyo Dome City, Japan.

Expecting more than 400, 000 visitors annually, MagiQuest Tokyo Dome attracts families of all ages to play together. "Tokyo Dome has never had an attraction like this before, " said Mr. Kaneko, Project Chief. "We are excited to have MagiQuest and anticipate high repeat visitation and much success here."

Unlike anything you have ever done before, MagiQuest is like stepping into a real life video game. Players, known as a Magi, buy and adorn a magic wand that triggers over 150 special effects and remembers everything you do forever. Using the wand like a wireless controller, Magi use clues and hints to progress through the game, earn points and power, and encounter unique worlds. When guests return, they pick up where they left off, so the game never ends.

The entire experience is spoken in Japanese and English, creating a connection with the guests and making the Magic spread across the world. This is the first international site offering dueling, a part of the game where players battle one another using powers they earned in the game, as well as an on site scoreboard to see where they rank compared to others.

"MagiQuest in Japan has been an overwhelming, instant success just as we envisioned, " said Denise Weston, co-founder of Creative Kingdoms. "The guests are waiting in lines to own a piece of the magic by buying their magic wands and are consumed in the game for hours. Kids, parents, and even grandparents are literally getting IN the game."

MagiQuest debuted internationally to enthusiastic crowds last year at Lagunasia Theme Park in the Laguna Gamagori Resort in central Japan.

About Creative Kingdoms

Creative Kingdoms is the owner and creator of MagiQuest. Creative Kingdoms’ goal is to intertwine fantasy and reality with the most alluring elements of magic, imagination, hands-on experiences, fun, storytelling, and gaming into one seamless experience.

Co-founded in 1999 by Denise Weston, Rick Briggs, Jonathan Barney and Fred Frantz, Creative Kingdoms was formed with a powerful goal in mind – to invent new patented technologies that bring families out of the house and into your facility by putting the "magic" literally into the hands of people around the world. These innovations and attractions have garnered Creative Kingdoms some of the amusement industry’s most coveted awards from THEA and IAAPA.

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